Join us in the March madness

Published 2:50 pm Thursday, March 15, 2018

March has arrived. So has the madness.

The NCAA Division I Men’s Basketball Tournament, which began earlier this week with the First Four play-in games, kicks into full swing today.

That means stunning buzzer-beaters, illogical upsets and the birth of a Cinderella are right around the corner.

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The Valley Times-News wants you to join us in embracing the drama.

The newspaper has created its own tournament group on,  and it is open to all readers, near and far.

To submit a bracket, all you need to do
is create an account — if you don’t already have one — and make your picks.

Will Auburn be able to shake out of its recent slump? Can Alabama ride freshman star Collin Sexton to a deep tournament run? Will one of the game’s traditional blue bloods secure another title?

Tell us what you think by filling out a bracket. Once completed, you can submit your entry to the newspaper’s group, titled The Valley Times-News. The entry deadline is noon EST today.

Over the course of the tournament, you will accumulate points based on the accuracy of your submission. Correct picks earn points toward your total; incorrect picks gain no points.

Although it is gratifying to predict correctly in the first and second rounds, do not be discouraged if you struggle during the opening weekend. Early trouble is not insurmountable.

Games are assigned a higher point value as the tournament progresses. So as long as you keep one or two Final Four teams alive, you should remain in contention for the grand prize: a free three-month subscription to the newspaper.

Happy picking.