Local cemeteries need better care

Published 2:00 pm Tuesday, March 6, 2018

When was the last time you visited a cemetery?

For most, it was probably some time ago. However, whether the experience was recent or not, the scenery was likely the same; a hilly field filled with markers of some sort to denote a gravesite.

But when was the last time we really looked at our cemeteries?

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Gravesites, in general, are often overlooked. We generally visit them when we want to reminisce on and pay respect to the deceased, otherwise we generally stay away.

But they are there, and those here could use a facelift.

Toppled tombstones, grimy graves and pockmarked pathways tend to dominate our local cemeteries, creating an unseemly landscape for the community.

Resthaven Memorial Gardens in Lanett is a simple cemetery with only a few extravagant graves, while the majority of sites have a simple flower arrangement adorning it. Unfortunately, the road through the cemetery is so worn that a drive might damage your suspension.

The Pine Wood Cemetery in West Point is another in need of work. Several of the graves date back over 100 years, many of which have fallen over, some into multiple pieces.

These are not the only examples of
sites in need of a facelift in our
community, unfortunately all of them stand out.

Whether they are owned by a city or county or a private business, proper work and planning needs to go into the maintenance of the final resting place of our loved ones. Cemeteries need to have well-trimmed lawns, clear paths and roads and maintained graves. Is that really too much to ask?