Local educators a reason to get excited

Published 2:00 pm Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Workplace happiness is an important and integral element for all. Being content in a job makes individuals more productive and likely to stay in the same job for a number of years. This holds true in all professions, including teachers. If teachers are happy in their line of work, it will show in their performance.

Fortunately, most signs point to our teachers being happy.

Four local educators have recently been highlighted in the newspaper and each expressed their happiness and excitement to be teaching.

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Lanett teacher Terrance Price said he makes sure students understand that he cares and he’s going to treat them fairly.

Springwood’s Jennifer Jones, after 47 years, acts with the same enthusiasm as when she first started.

Valley High School’s Shannon Duffy loves the look on her students faces during labs.

LaFayette’s Michael Floyd said he has learned a lot from his time teaching and loves to take his students to performances.

This is what you want out of a teacher, someone excited to come in each and gets joy out seeing students learn.

The responses these teachers have to their profession is uplifting, showing that our children are in good hands.