Male Chorus has performed for the past six years

Published 1:00 pm Friday, March 23, 2018

**HELLO COMMUNITIES… It doesn’t seem that long in years to count six years with this Male Chorus. St. Stephens CME Church, Valley, AL. This Male Chorus celebrated it’s 6th year of beautiful praises in singing for this community and other communities as they were called to participate in music. St. Stephens Male Chorus presented their Anniversary, Saturday, March 17, 2018, at 5:00 PM EST. The Master of Ceremony- Bro. Amos Newton. Mt. Zion CME Church Male Chorus were special guest. They worked from a truthful theme: “Brothers “Uniting In Song”. The Praise Theme: Psalm 149:1. The Processional of the Host Male Chorus, St. Stephens, had an outstanding processional followed with a song service. The Second Part of the Anniversary consisted of lovely music and singing from Guest Choruses: Mt. Olive Baptist, Smith Station, AL; Ebenezer Baptist, Salem, AL; White Baptist Church, LaFayette, AL; East Side Baptist, LaGrange, GA; Rev. Fred Griffith and the Sensational Singers, Bethlehem Baptist Church, Valley, AL’ New Mt. Sellers, LaFayette, AL; Mt. Zion CME Church, Smiths Station, AL, special guests. Everyone attending had a joyful time. Remarks and Closure. They expressed the warm acceptance gave thanks for the Church Family and Pastor Rev. L. Threatts for all who came and made the program a success.

**When you hear the word black, what comes to mind? One might respond with dark in color, pride, or without light. Some, such as meteorologists, have even associated black as dangerous.  During the cold months, drivers are warned about “black” ice on the roadway.  This ice is considered to be dangerous because it is invisible to the driver and will cause you to have an accident.  When asking photo and multimedia journalist Denise Mosley what came to mind, she simply says “my roots”.  She sees black not only of a color but a reminder of the journey of blood, sweat and tears sojourned in order to us (blacks) to be standing in this land today.  Power, dignity, and majesty are terms she used describing black kings and queens who walked the earth along the miles of African Rivers including her parents who made life seem as effortless as possible for her and her siblings.   Outside of being a journalist, Denise is a mother of two and a wife of 16 years who decided to shine some light on marriages by publishing a magazine that promotes love and longevity.  She and her husband are connected to families with long standing marriages. Her recent publication of “Black Love” was inspired by the beauty of what love looks like in our community.  Marriages have been a declining institution while separation and divorce has been a climb in the Black community. The publication solely and genuinely reminds that blacks can be deeply rooted in longstanding relationships built on strength, faith, and endurance.  Mosley says it was and still is LOVE that brought us down through the years.  As Mosley amassed information from the couples, she found it relatable but refreshing to know they all have shared many of the same struggles, yet still standing firm to their vows. Congratulations Denise on your publication. Continue to empower love in the community.

**THEY ANNOUNCED that Christsyde Entertainment presents Essence of Grace Ministries, Saturday, March 24, 2018 at 5PM CST. Be there! The admission is free at the Bridge Church, in Cusseta.

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**YOU ARE invited to attend the (retired) Georgia Association of Educators-retired. An all member conference, Friday, April 20, 2018, at the Renaissance Concourse Atlanta Airport Hotel (Hartsfield Center Pkwy). Registration opens at 8:30 AM. Conference 9-4:30. Lunch sponsored by Discover Bank and NEA members benefits. Please RSVP by April 1. For further information contact GAE retired President Karen Solheim or GAE Retired. The Retired Members Conference will be featuring Books and Bears…. Bring a book and/or a bear for a child of the GAE Retired all members conference, April 20, 2018. The books and bears will be donated to schools in Fulton County. Georgia Association of Educators- Retired, 100 Crescent Centre Parkway, Suite 500, Tucker, GA 30084. Get ready and be there!

**WE EXTEND our good well wishes and prayers to the sick and shut ins… We are hoping for the best healing for them. We wish you all have speedy recoveries. 

**SPECIAL CONGRATULATIONS to the ones in colleges who have worked so diligently to achieve academically. Proud that have taken in consideration new endeavors and joining a brotherhood. All working together to make a lifestyle better. Be blessed to all.

**HERE IS some good news from GAE, concerning “What Expense Teachers Can Deduct”. Items eligible for the educator expense deduction include such things as: books, school supplies, computer equipment for physical education teachers. Teachers can claim the educator expense deduction regardless of whether they take the standard deduction or itemize their tax deduction.

**RiverView Community!!! Get ready for the First Annual Community Summit to be held May 9 -11th, nightly.   If you can sing, play an instrument, dance, usher, or minister to God’s people, stay tuned. The Down by the River Community Summit committee has planned and now praying and  preparing.

**HAPPY BIRTHDAY to: Josephine Myhand, Leisa Roberts, Miranda Franklin, Terry Bonner, March 23; Wanda Ward, Charles Lamar Varner, Kim Johnson, Tinsley Wooley, Patrick Harrington, Eric Darden, Jr., April Stillwell, March 24; Jafunda Lowe, Sylester Ross, March 25; Janice Madden, Agnes Kelley, Larry Andrews, Jane Smallwood, Cedric Finch, Wallace Madden, Bernard Madden, Jo Lynn Hadaway, Wytavia Marie Wallace, March 26; Jimmy Williams, Carl Coburn, Akemi S. Huguley, Catherine Tucker, Steve Atkinson, Beverly Trammell, Florida Bell,, March 27; Patricia Hutchinson Tanya Williams, Teresa Williams, Shirley Bailey, Teresa Andrews, March 28; Vanessa Wright, Sandra McDonald, March 29. May all of you have many more.

**HAVE A joyful day on your Wedding Anniversary to: Mr. and Mrs. Rodney and Narfunda Ross, March 24. Be blessed and have a great future with anniversaries.

**THIS IS a day to be happy to: Mr. and Mrs. Arthur and Metia Floyd, Jr. as you celebrate your Wedding Anniversary, March 22. Have a great and deserving future.

**DO NOT text and drive.

**HAVE A good week.