Many honors and blessings to give

Published 11:38 am Friday, March 16, 2018

**WE ARE proud to give honor and blessings to: Bill and Maxine Terry. They celebrated their 60th Wedding Anniversary, March 8. Bill Terry is a graduate of Valley High School, in Valley, AL. Maxine Terry is a graduate from Lanett High School in Lanett, AL. Bill is Retired from the US Army and Maxine is retired from Civil Service. They have four children and three grandsons. They reside in Fort Walton Beach, Florida. And have been for thirty-six (36) years. Special Congratulations to both of you. Please have a blessed future. The Summer Sports are on the way. The Baseball, Track, and Field, etc. Support them be careful drivers and be safe.

**HELLO THERE readers! The weather seems like spring with an hour earlier that began Sunday, March 11. The Daylight Savings Time is here for a while. At any rate we must move within it. There was heavy rain Sunday morning and it got heavier near Sunday School time. And oh! As they said the rain is bringing down cats and dogs. But, still got out for Sunday School and Church. Communities choose to enjoy church in the rain! At St. Stephens Sunday School, the women class studied about the Covenants and the present or current reactions to abiding by covenants. How do people handle present day communities with a covenant to obey.. The discussion was great! The lesson was discussed from 2 Chronicles 6:12-21. People understand that the main covenant is made by God because God keeps His Covenant Promises from Abraham to: David and Solomon. However, the class discussed that people even make covenants with each other: when you get married, buy merchandise, buying cars, voting for the leaders in your community. Why do they called these laws Covenant? Because the leaders promise to keep them or they will have to abide by a standard. What is a covenant? A covenant is an agreement between two. Remember as a righteous life style moves forward, there will apposes against the correct way to live, for peace and happiness. The Question is: what about our current communities? Does your community have a covenant? Communities have become so destructive or robbing, stealing, killing and gun gilling, etc. They said the communities are not as the covenant God gave. In God’s covenant He gave a way to stand firm in faith through Godly Testing. And faith brings provisions. God will provide because He keeps His promises. Stand firm for Him, and He will supply you needs. However, the opposing reactions to current covenants of destruction of killing, stealing, etc. is tempting people to tear-up the world. Satan is the tempting community: persuading underage youths to steal cars, angry people to shoot and kill school children and others. The two covenants communities are under testing by God and tempting by Satan. Remember there is a judgment for disobedience. Satan is always there!

**ST. STEPHENS CME opened the Morning Service with Devotion from the Devotional Committee. Following the Devotional Exercises the Congregational Hymn was sang followed by a Pulpit Prayer chanted with the Lord’s Prayer. The combined choir rendered special music. The Old Testament Scripture: Psalm 23, read by Rev. Threatts. The New Testament Scripture: Luke 4:1-5 read by Gary Sheppard. Another selection by the choir. Announcements and Media announcements were given. Sermon Music by Sis. Charlotte Truitt. Rev McGhee was moved to speak about the True Vine. Rev. Larry Threatts used the Sermon Scripture from Matthew 4:24. And his Subject: “Lunatic Society”. He mentioned the destruction of things in the church and signs before the end of time. Then he said one thing… Jesus came to build a church. Some say He became famous. That was great. People are still being famous, but not as Jesus. Some people achieve in sports and in society, etc. But none as Jesus did. If we want to be like Jesus we must have our minds renewed on the Word of the Lord. The Lord has mercy upon our souls because He is not a lunatic. We are living in a lunatic society. This was a timely and needed message filled with information to help people.

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**PLEASE CONTINUE to pray for America and the sick and shut ins. May all have speedy recoveries.

**OH! LISTEN to music they opened with and the theme: Lift Every Voice and Sing. Greater Ebenezer Missionary Baptist Church, Salem, AL observes Choir Anniversary, Sunday, March 25, at 2:30 PM EST. Special Guest Rev. Willie Wimberly and Mt. Nebo Missionary Baptist Church, West Point, GA. Rev. Harrison Ford, Pastor. Everyone is invited.

**HOW ABOUT suppressing tears are hazardous to health! Don’t cry. Newman has given great thoughts to this interesting masculinity secret. I understand boys hold tears, when they are at an early age, in the public. They believe tears make them look weak. I discovered men believed that crying is done by women because women are weak. The men believe that weeping is a weak spot and men hide tears (to look strong). Many times, they tell their young sons, don’t cry because real men don’t cry, it is known that women cry five times to a man’s one time cry. Is her heart tender and his tough? In the Biblical History, Chronicles, Middle ages, there were leading men who shed many tears. There occasion when times were rough at the White House, in Congress, the men groan turned into crying and people were sure to cry at a marriage? Many times we get so filled with tears until to will move to places and hide their faces to shed tears. John 11:35, tells how Jesus wept. There men who hold their tears until they se a person to sympathize with them then they cry. What happens in cultural history? Have men been taught to swallow their emotions and women be sure to turn their emotions loose? Its good for all to swallow emotions sometimes!

**PLEASE SAY a special prayer for Rev. Johnnie Nelms, a previous Pastor of St. Stephens of Valley, AL. He is hospitalized in Columbus, Ga from a serious accident. And specialties for his family. May his healing be a speedy recovery.

**HAPPY BIRTHDAY to: Karen Davidson, Benji Elliot, Vic Anthony, Eddie Summers, Erma Phillips, March 16; Julia Milner, Ann Bellflower, Latasha Trammell, March 17; Elizabeth Floyd, Broderick Seldom, Carolyn Shealey, March 18; Danesha Davis, Gail Anthony, Shirlene Avery, Ivan C. Huguley, Eric Von Harrington, Myrah McCullough, March 19; Tammy Edmondson, Tammy Beck, Mildred Holloway, Sandra Jones, March 20; Lonnie Stephens, Brittany Stephens, Tammy Copper, March 21; Leroy Stephens, Nell Smith, Rhonda Gibson, March 22. May all of you have many more.

**WE ARE wishing specialties to Mr. and Mrs. Rodney and Narfunda Ross on their Wedding Anniversary. Have joy, love and happiness in the future. Be blessed!

**DRIVE CAREFULLY and don’t text and drive and don’t speed. Support your sports.

**HAVE A good week.

What was missed last week

**HELLO SCHOOLS and teachers! Teachers are so important in all communities. Why are they needed and important to everyone? Because they teach reading. What would the would be like if people could not read? Sometimes there is fun added to reading, such as Read Across America presented to teachers to keep great interest and fun in learning to read. Dr. Seuss brought so much interest to the reading program with Green Eggs and Ham years ago. However, NEA has added so to that reading program to cause lifestyles, interest, and even art and music to many other subjects to enhance world reading, now is the time to read with your best interest!! Have fun and enjoyment in your honorable reading month of March!!! The today teachers recommend joyful activities and ideas for NEAs Read Across America. They encouraged love of reading helps a student to grow academically. Dr. Seuss themed party reading celebrations are really loved and enjoyed by millions but still there are other ideas to be added that students also love and enjoy. The recommended activities begin with: Spirit Day for reading, whatever day you choose for that Spirit Day mark it red with Seuss Spirit. Have a school wide Crazy Hat Day, Socks Day, Pajama Day, etc. Number Two: Door Décor: have a school wide door decorating activity that gives everyone a chance to show enthusiasm for reading from Kindergarteners to the School Nurse. Door Décor can feature elements from favorite books or be totally Dr. Seuss themed. Don’t forget to include a reversible door hanger- “Do Not Disturb, We’re Reading” and “Come in and Read with Us”. Thirdly: Cook up some reading fun: serve up some green eggs and ham or make these tasty toppers in the hat pattern snacks. Fourth: A Chorus of Readers: it’s hard not to join in on a reading of a Dr. Seuss book. His inviting rhymes and rhythms are hard to resist. Fifth: Reading Buddies: sharing what’s inside a book with younger kids is great fun for older readers. You may also have library field trips.

**UPCOMING EVENTS for GAE. Visit Spelling Bee page at March 16, at 11 a.m. GAE State Spelling Bee, Jimmy Carter National Historic Site, Plains, GA. May and June 2018, Scripps National Spelling Bee. Visit Spelling Bee for more information.

**AS GAE events continue: The presented Read Across America, March 2, for NEA. March 3, NEA Pre-Retirement Seminar, Winder, GA. March 9, GAE-Retired Meetings Metro Atlanta.

**ASHAA REGIONAL Basketball Champions: The Lanett Panthers, Northeast Regional Boys: Kaleb Thomas, Jaquarious Houston, Anqueavious Pollard, Kristian Story, Jawon Howell, Terrion Truitt, Trikweze Bridges, Tifton Dobbs, Jaren Ross, Emmanuel Littles, Braylon Harrington, Jayshon Burton, Zameron Boozer, Cameron Boozer. The AHSAA Team Record 22-5. Coach: Richard Carter. Assistants: Trentavious McCants, and Robert Ford. Athletic Director: Clifford Story. Principal: Jennifer Boyd. Superintendent: Philip Johnson. Past State Championships: 1969, 2003. Special congratulations to: players, coaches, assistant coaches, director, parents and fans. And the winners extend their gratitude to all for their support.

**HEY THERE drivers do you think you need to change the way you are driving. Some drivers need to buckle their seat belts on all trips to save others lives. Slow down you are speeding and can make you think you see much that you do not see. Keep your eyes on the road and don’t text. And never drink and drive. Please be safe!

**IT’S HIGH time to give credit where it is due to Valley’s outstanding resource people. A gifted mathematics teacher. In addition to the many outstanding honors, Dr. George McCulloh current holds, he also held top honor in encouraging students to learn Mathematics. Thank you for your help. There were students who didn’t understand math nor could they pass the math course until Dr. McCulloh taught them. Job well done. Dr. George McCulloh was and is believed to be the best Math teacher known. Special Congratulations for an excellent math teacher. Have a great future!

**I WILL always acknowledge School Resource Officer: Sandra Crim. She knows how to examine problems and find the truth. She is a nice person to work with. She can find the problem then, she comes back and gives you facts about: who, what, when, where, and why? Thanks for being a great resource persons for schools, and communities. Special congratulations for jobs well done.

**ALSO ANOTHER resource person in our community: Jeffery Finch, a dedicated worker on the Board of Education and Cassie Carlisle, who cares about well-being and welfare of others. May all continue to succeed in helping others.

**THE CHURCH members of Sady Grove CME Church invited the neighboring churches to come and celebrate with them, Sunday, Feb. 25, at 2 p.m. CST. They celebrated their Annual Missionary Day and Stewardess Day. They had two celebrations for a grand occasion. Sis. Edith Coleman was invited as special guest to represent St. Stephens CME, Valley, AL. The Guest Pastor was Rev. Edward Lane and Rising Star Missionary Baptist Church or Marvyn Community. They had a great day! The Host Pastor: Rev. Horace Willis, President of the Missionary – Sis. Rosie Miles and Stewardess President- Sis. Mytriss Dawson expressed their love and gratitude to all who came to Sady Grove’s celebration.

**RISING STAR Music Ministry presented a musical workshop beginning Thursday, March 1, and March 2; 2018 at 6 p.m. CST nightly. The Clinicians: Minister Jacalvis Darden, Sis. Leonissa Lane. The musical program included community participants. They invited voices from the community and made them welcome to join in the Musical Concert. The Workshop Concert was held Saturday. March 3, 2018 at 5:00 PM CST at Rising Star Missionary Baptist Church, Opelika, AL. Host Pastor: Rev. Edward Lane. The Rising Star Church Family and Pastor extends love and appreciation to all who came.

**BE HAPPY on your birthday, Happy Birthday to: Jaffson Madden, Faye Shears, Larry Williams, Marian Jackson, Fredrickal McCullough, March 9; Harold Marshall, Dorothy Ann Phillips, March 10, Phyllis Cox, Kelvin Askew, Martha Gibson, March 11; Destiney Chambers, March 12; Stanley Hawkins, Cleveland Davis, Mekela Dozier, Zehki Williams, Jackie Carmack, March 13; Frankie Ross, Destiney KeYanna Meadows, Tammy Cooper, Amie Brown, Sa’Yonnci Walton, Mykia Dunn, March 14; Brenda Parrish, Libby Lak, Deborah Marshall, Shuntelle Burns, Eddie Lee Fletcher. Jaci Howell, March 15. May all of you have many more.

**CONTINUE TO pray for the sick and shut ins. Pray for America, specialties for schools and children.

**IN YOUR prayers lift up the hard and fair workers that they will receive the income to live on. There are teachers marching and protesting their pay. They are expecting a pay raise that hey do not receive. One teacher said she works full time at a high school. She is an Athletic Director. She is a single mother with 3 daughters. She brings home $874 every two weeks and $711 protesting for a wage campaign. Where is the legal system that governs people ownership and fair pay? Pray for speedy recoveries.

**HAVE A good week.