Newer, better triangle on the way

Published 12:48 pm Saturday, March 10, 2018

It was kind of sad to see workmen in downtown Lanett today tearing apart the triangle. It’s such a landmark for the town, and it’s not easy to see it done away with.

This is not like the Lanett Mill and the Dye Works, though. It isn’t being torn down, hauled away and gone for good.

A newer, better triangle is about to go up.

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This is part of the streetscape plan. The first portion of the overall plan is winding down and the next potion will be taking place in the heart of downtown. Plans show new sidewalks, crosswalks, planters, lots of lamp posts with the central feature being a new triangle. Unlike the old one it will be in two sections. The lower portion will have a fountain and the upper portion the Bluffton-Lanett historical marker. There will be a turn lane between the two sections. It will still be a triangle, just longer.

When all the work is done, I’m confident downtown Lanett will look much better. It will be an attractive, welcoming place where people will want to go for walks. When all the streetscape work is done, Lanett will have a most impressive city street from downtown to the Georgia state line.

West Point has done some great work in its downtown revitalization and it’s paying off in a big way. Downtown West Point is a thriving, lively, fun place to be. The quaint surroundings with the brick sidewalks and the green lamp posts create a pleasant atmosphere for anyone who’s there. City officials did a good thing when they brought a new look to the downtown area.

The Point University students being there have much to do with this transformation. There’s an old saying that “if you build it, people will come.” That’s certainly been true for downtown West Point.

Had West Point officials threw up their hands and allowed the downtown area to continually decline, do you think Atlanta Christian College would have come here? I doubt it, but having it here has been worth every penny West Point invested in a nicer-looking downtown district.

Would the New Horizon Theatre have taken the bold step of having a first-class facility had nothing been done downtown? Again, I doubt it. But it sure is nice to have such a place.

Point has plans for a four-story dormitory on the site of the former West Point Foundry. This will be the largest building ever for West Point and will be a dominant feature on the city’s skyline. It’s something to really look forward to.