Open Door Church presents Black History Observance

Published 11:00 am Tuesday, March 6, 2018

THE OPEN Door Church in Valley, AL presented Black History Observance in ways to recall a dedicated “Life Styles”, with St. Stephens CME as Special Guest. Sunday, February 25, 2018, Open Door’s Worship Leader began with beautiful music from Open Door Praise Team rendered music of that is called Negro Spirituals.

They did a great job with those songs. Then, the St. Stephens Youth Choir gave a selection.  Words of Welcome followed by a prayer and Scripture all by youth.

A solo Praise Dance was performed by Devone Gibson of St. Stephens. Beautiful job. The choir gave another selection.  The music was well demonstrated and cute. Some History was read.

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Praise Dancers of Open Door Fellowship presented a Combined Dance with cultural problems. They were learning how to become friends and get along with each other.  The Worship Leader desired some Black History especially some foundational or first-hand information including the Montgomery City Bus situation or The Bus Protest. On program Pearlie Gibson. She gave high points of Black History and the Montgomery Bus Protest.

She opened with choice words: “Nothing New Under the Sun”. She used Scripture from St. Luke 2:25-31.

This story tells how Gentiles including Blacks were thought as not being offered God’s blessings, salvation, etc. So, people have always thought blacks as being the ones with not enough understanding for the Holy Spirit and to really consulate the deep sincerity of the Scripture, etc.

Black History always include multicultural associates. This Black Man in the group of Gentiles named Simeon, among the Jews in a Jewish homeland and they called him Niger (a Latin word of Roman) meaning “black”.

These people were from Africa, South of the Sahara, commonly known as a migrate region. Simeon was a person who served God throughout his life. The Holy Spirit was upon Simeon after the Day of Pentecost.

He was proud of the comfort that the Messiah would bring to people. Not one nation or group “But to all people”. Luke 2:25-31, as God’s Holy Ghost gave Simeon or revealed what God wanted him to do. Jesus’ Parents brought Jesus into the Temple and after the custom of the Law, Simeon, the black Christian, blessed Jesus after he took Him up into his arms and presented Jesus to the Temple.

This presentation of Baby Jesus to the Temple by a black man, was a light to lighten the Gentiles. And to lighten the glory of the people of Israel. The differences of multicultural people have always had differences. However, these differences are with all nations and even blacks look at each other for too different. God did not mean these actions. God loves all colors!!

Keep faith and obey God’s word, He will bring all to the light. Simeon was black, presented Jesus. Highlights of the Montgomery Bus Situation: Why pay the same bus fare and stand up over their empty seats. There was much to understand and something to never forget. I was there at the beginning. At that time, in the 60s, I was in college at Alabama State University, in Montgomery, AL.

I had to ride the city bus to and from school and I lived all the way across town, when the city gave orders to stay off the bus until. We had many problems walking. And there was a city car pool organized to help those in long distances. There were times at school we had to wash-up before class.

Times when lives were taken, and other losses, but there was God given faith to move in and with. We are thankful to have made it by Faith. And people are still struggling for livelihood. But nothing new under the sun. The Bus Protest was a very terrible and sad situation.

Then they had the message from the Guest Speaker. The program was very timely and informative. Open Door Fellowship highly appreciate all who came out for the celebration.

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And it continued on Friday, March 2, 2018, in Birmingham, AL. Be there!! Special congratulations foe excellent basketball playing.

THIS IS a correction: Daylight Savings Time begins March 11, 2018. St. Patrick’s Day: March 17, 2018, The First Day of Spring: March 20, First Night of Passover- Good Friday, March 30, 2018.

JUST SING a verse and give a word of history! February 25, 2018, a special tribute to black history month with recognizing music called Negro Spirituals, the historical meaning of Negro Spirituals. Sis. Edith Coleman was the leader. Following the Morning Worship- Rev. Joe McGhee sang a touching song out of his musical spirit.

He dedicated the music to being thankful for this blessing and Negro Praises: hold to God’s unchanging hand, no matter what happens. Each Negro Spiritual was introduced with a brief history and explanation of the meaning of the song, and different participants sang the song.  The Spirituals included: “Swing Low”, “Wade in the Water”, “Look Where He Brought Me From”, “Soon I Will Be Done”, “Little Wooden Church”, “Amazing Grace”. It was great!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to: Christopher Bozeman, Anthony S. Harper, Lana Cooper, Danny Roberts, Delsey Askew, Alfonza Roberts; March 2; Jakia Sherrell, Tiffany Dozier, Hanna Ridgeway, Peggy Pollard, Virginia Jackson, Clarence Harris, March 3; Mary Mitchell, McCall Fullerton, March 4; Perrell Heard, Clayton (Tre) Gibson, III, Ricky Hopkins, Janice Winston, March 5; Bobby Lee Trammel, Don McCulloh, March 6; Willie Earl Gibson, Deborah S. Arnold, March 7; Kristy Threlkeld, Ann Hutchinson, Leonard Jones, Paul Crowder, Corey Robinson, March 8. May all of you have many more.

PLEASE CONTINUE to pray for America and Sick and Shut ins- Don’t forget strength for the condolences.

SPECIAL CONGRATULATIONS to all of our officers, Jeffery Finch and Cassie Carlisle.

MAY ALL sports be supported but drive careful. Don’t speed, no texting and behave.

HAVE A good week.