Segrest speaks to The Golden Heirs

Published 2:15 pm Thursday, March 29, 2018

THE GOLDEN HEIRS of First Baptist Church Shawmut met March 13, 2018 in the Family Life Center for their monthly meeting. Mrs. Billie Jean Clem welcomed everyone and asked Terry Landreth to open the meeting with prayer. The group began by singing their theme song “This is The Day”.

Liz Landreth read the minutes of the January meeting since Golden Heirs did not meet in February due to so many sick and not wanting to spread the illness to others.  Bill Spears gave the treasurer’s report. Nita Abney asked the group if they wanted to have the annual picnic for the May meeting and have Sheriff Sid Lockhart cook fish and all the trimmings. It was voted to do this by the group and Nita will contact Sheriff Lockhart will let everyone know the details at the April meeting. Thank you notes were read from Charles and Bettye Carol Duffey and Marjorie Nealey for the Christmas stockings that were filled with goodies they received from Golden Heirs.  Happy Birthday was sung to Dot Williams and Liz Landreth who are celebrating this month.

Nita Abney introduced the speaker, Tony Segrest, General Manager of East Alabama Water Sewer and Fire Protection District. Mr. Segrest gave some background information on East Alabama Water that began in 1972. At this time it has 39 employees total counting the 18 fire department employees. He said that 4 million gallons of water goes through the waste treatment plant daily. Some of the figures for firetrucks, tankers ($253,000), ladder trucks (about a million dollars) are staggering. He said the water and sewer lines in the city are very old and they are in the process of replacing them at a cost of $172,000 per country mile and over $200,000 per mile in the city where you have to deal with asphalt, cement etc. He also noted that the new fire station in the Fairfax community should be opening soon. Mr. Segrest brought a very interesting and informative program which sparked lots of questions from the attendees.

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Mrs. Clem thanked the set up committee for the timely St Patrick’s Day decorations. Rev. Chuck Anderson dismissed the meeting with prayer and asked God’s blessings on the delicious meal.

Those attending were: Carolyn Oliver, Sandra Meadows, Terry and Liz Landreth, Hilda Hunt, Billie Jean Clem, Sallie Breedlove, Nita Abney, Chuck Anderson, Bill Spears, Billy Tolbert, Dot Williams, Curtis Moore, Bobby and Linda Tolbert and the guest speaker, Tony Segrest.

THE EAST LIBERTY BAPTIST ASSOCIATION WMU Ladies’ Luncheon was held Saturday, March 17 at LaFayette Heights Baptist Church.

Cindy McGinty welcomed everyone and opened the meeting with prayer. She gave a presentation on “The Biblical View of Self-Defense” and everyone was amazed at the number of  times self-defense and weapons of self-defense are mentioned in the Bible.

Following her presentation, Cindy introduced Lieutenant Tammy Booth from the Lee County Sheriff’s Department who gave a very enlightening program on self-defense. One thing she kept emphasizing was to be aware of your surroundings, be alert at all times. Don’t be on your cell phone with ear buds in and not even realize there are all kinds of things going on around you. Being alert can save your life. If you are caught in a bad situation and you come out alive, then you are a winner.

Some other things she pointed out included Don’t let others tell you what you should have done because they don’t know what they would have done if they had been in the same situation. We all need a plan in our homes and away from home on what to do in case we are attacked, our home is broken into while we are there, etc. Think ahead and look for escape routes just in case and it could save your life.

Tammy gave examples of weapons we could use and said things are not important but staying alive is. If you have to let someone have your purse and live, you are okay. The purse and contents can be replaced. She showed some video clips from cameras outside of businesses that showed how quick things can get really bad. Many times there are lots of people around but they don’t pay attention to what else is going on. If they had been alert, maybe a life or lives could have been saved. Self-defense classes are a great way to learn how to protect yourself and you don’t have to be Super Woman to do it.  Tammy allowed a time of questions following the program.

The blessing for the food was given by Cindy McGinty. During lunch, there were lots of nice prizes given to those blessed with their names being drawn.  Those attending from First Baptist Church Shawmut Baptist Women group were: Sally Veale, Linda Tolbert, Nita Abney, Mona Sorrells, Cheryl Myers and Liz Landreth.

RHONDA GIBSON celebrated her birthday Friday, March 23, at dinner at Good Ol Boys in Auburn. A birthday cake centered the table and she received some much appreciated gifts and cards. A prayer of thanks for the food they were about to enjoy was offered by Andrew Leak.

Joining  Rhonda and Tony Gibson were Betty Jo Hamil, Andrew Leak, Leslie Leak, Ansley Leak, Randy McClure, Stacey McClure, Jake McClure and Ellen McClure.

WHEN YOU PUT MILANO’S and the Joy Sunday School Class of First Baptist Church Shawmut together, you know there is celebrating and good eating going on.

Friday, March 23, 2018 was no exception as a group of the ladies met to celebrate the birthday of Mrs. Dot Williams and the upcoming birthday of Liz Landreth, who will not be able to celebrate on her special date due to a prior engagement.

The ladies ate until their hearts were content and their tummies were full, and enjoyed celebrating another birthday together. We all look forward to these trips to Milano’s for birthdays as we are so thankful for our class and the beautiful ladies who make it what it is. The Milano’s crew did a great job of making sure every need was met to assure these two ladies they are special and loved.

Those helping celebrate were: Hilda Hunt, who does a fantastic job of keeping up with the birthdays and planning the get togethers, Carolyn Oliver, Nita Abney, Janice Sorrell, Shirley Bills, Mary Ann Fuller and the birthday girl, Dot Williams and soon to be birthday girl, Liz Landreth.  All are looking forward to the next birthday with this group.

THERE WAS A BIRTHDAY HAPPENING at Pig Out in Huguley on Thursday evening as Liz Landreth was honored on her upcoming birthday. Don’t know if you have ever been to Pig Out, but this is a restaurant with a family atmosphere that makes you feel welcome and not just because you are paying to eat there.

Carey and Tammy Carroll have opened Pig Out and  made our group and the other groups around us feel so welcome as Carey came to the tables and talked while the orders were being filled.  Everyone celebrating with Liz agreed that the food was delicious and the service was great. 

Hosting the birthday celebration were Hermon and Cheryl Myers. Those helping to celebrate were: Robin Landreth, James Myers, Jeffery Myers, Tony Myers and Terry Landreth.  It was a wonderful relaxing evening.