Solar farm should be the first of many changes

Published 2:40 pm Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Last Thursday saw the ribbon cut on the AL Solar A project in LaFayette and all indicators are that the project will be a boon for the area.

From being a new industry for the area to the fact that it is based around a technology that while not necessarily new, is catching on more and more around the world, the project is definitely something to get excited over.

But what does that mean for LaFayette?

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Despite being the Chambers County seat, there isn’t much to the city.

That’s not to say there is nothing there. Enough restaurants and stores call LaFayette home so you can’t say nothing is there but at the same time it is devoid many of the businesses enjoyed by residents of Valley and Lanett.

Sure the area has history and many famous individuals hail from there, but it’s mostly just a small, quiet town where not much goes on.

There’s nothing wrong with that but going forward it might not be a bad idea to look at a few new opportunities.

The city could look into other energy or emerging technology opportunities. The fact that the solar project went off without a fuss gives the city something to show when courting other industries.

There is also the idea of bringing in more traditional businesses like stores and restaurants. It’s no secret that LaFayette has fewer restaurants than most of its neighbors and residents have to travel if they want something like a restaurant steak or sandwich.

This is all said under the idea that the people of LaFayette want to grow. It is entirely possible that those living in the area are more than content with things the way they are and it might be that LaFayette has found its niche as a sort of suburb where the housing costs are cheaper and the crime rate is lower.

Unfortunately there is not much in LaFayette and, as the years go by, money might start to leave as people look to spend elsewhere.

So an effort should be made to keep
the people in the area either happy through entertainment or by bringing in more jobs.