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Published 10:36 am Saturday, March 17, 2018

Hello Huguley friends. It is good to see you guys stopping by to see what I came up with for this week. I talked to one gentleman Thursday, but, we were unable to get all the details nailed down so I will wait on his news until next week. I guess all of you managed to get through the week without getting too all fired cold. Personally, Willard and I enjoyed a fire a couple of days during the week. They really felt good.

I don’t know about you, but, I’d like to make an observation here. I am almost to the point in my life that I want to go to work, come home, and lock myself in the house and just stay there. Maybe not to the point of being a recluse, officially, but absolutely to the point of not going out alone, or after dark alone at the very least. Times have gotten so bad that it is really taking a risk to run to the corner store after dark alone. 

I knew a girl that was visiting a friend with a new baby and was going to run to the corner market for formula. A man was hiding in her backseat. It did not end well for the young woman. That scares me. I used to go outside to work in the shop even as late as 9:30 or 10:00 at night- alone. But not now. Now, if I go outside nearing dark, I make sure my husband knows where I am and even knows what I am wearing. I don’t think you can be too careful.

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I guess it is a sign of the times we live in nowadays. I think I will have to check into the self-defense class that is going to be offered in the area soon. You’ll want me to get some training before you turn me loose on some unsuspecting hoodlum! He would be running so fast you might not ever catch up to him!

The Happy Citizens from Happy Valley Baptist met last Tuesday for our regular meeting. Our crowd was rather slim, but, that didn’t keep us from enjoying each other, some great food a delightful devotion and even a time of stimulating exercise! After loosening our bodies up a bit with some sitting exercises, the devotion was brought by Susan Eason on Praying while you are sleeping. We enjoyed a delicious meal and even had a visitor who was very welcomed. Attending were Susan and Willard Eason, Jeanette Tilley, Faye Tines, and Barry Smith. We will have our next meeting on March 27th at 11:30. Please join us!

If you happen to be out and about in the Huguley area, make sure you check out all the things in your neighborhood that are blooming right now. I don’t think spring is far away, but, it still feels pretty cool to me. We are trying to get our yard in shape for spring, just like most of you are doing. I have tons of baby plants if you are interested.

I have star of Bethlehem, grape hyacinths, daffodils, Eleagnus (also known as silverberry or oleaster), yellow rose of Texas, and star vines if you’d like some. Just let me know. I always have tons of new plantings to share in the spring. I’d love to swap some if you are interested.

I don’t know if the county or whoever has gotten to your neighborhood or not yet, but, we sure are enjoying our newly paved road. The reflectors are really a help. Only one problem with the newly surfaced road: It is the fault of people though and not the roadwork. Folks are using our little hill for a raceway a good bit. We have quite a few little kids on our roads and I surely would hate to see someone come over the hill and hit on of the young ones!

I love seeing them trying to learn to ride their bikes though. But please watch for them. We have animals galore over here too. Most of them are in fenced yards but occasionally one will get out. I know a red bone hound that can clear a 4 foot chain link fence and can climb a 6 foot one. He just likes to be free. We have numerous cats, dogs, chickens, and donkeys on our road. It is a veritable country farmer’s paradise around here. I love listening to them as evening falls. I can sit in our yard swing, close my eyes and feel like I am in the country instead of in town. We actually had a beautiful chocolate lab get loose last week and make it to Highway 50. He wasn’t lucky enough to make it back home though.

We stopped when we saw it get hit (No, it wasn’t us) and pulled that beautiful animal off the highway on to the shoulder of the road and notified its mama. She was actually looking for it. Such a waste.

I will accept news any way you’d like to send it. Email me at or you can text me at 706-773-6550 or send it to me on Messenger or Facebook. Lots of options ought to give everyone a method of choice. Just choose the one you’d like to use. We would all appreciate it. Well, I am closing out now. Have a great week end friends!