The importance of after school activities

Published 2:33 pm Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Current Oakland Raider Jylan Ware recently spoke at the Great Futures Start Here fundraiser dinner for the Chambers County Boys & Girls Club, recounting days in his youth spent as a member of the club.

It was during these years that he met some of his closest friends. As a gesture of gratitude, Ware donated $3,000 to match three other $1,000 donations as a way to give back to the club that helped shape his youth.

This is just a small example of the good something like the Boys & Girls Club can result in.

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After school activities like the club have a noticeable impact on our youth that cannot be overstated. Kids crave activity, whether it be playing with friends, solo hobbies, etc. The specific method or activity is less important than the activity itself, and the Boys and Girls Club provides a positive and consistent activity outlet for children to utilize after school.

The Boys & Girls Club, along with other activities, provide children with a structured environment, companionship and guidance.

So let’s show our support. Let’s lend a helping hand anytime there is a need.

If they need someone to help monitor the kids, offer to watch.

If they need someone to read to kids, offer to read.

If they need someone to show the kids a new activity, offer to teach them your hobbies.

Children are our future. Lending a helping hand to the next generation will ensure our future remains bright.