We should take a page from Point

Published 12:59 pm Friday, March 23, 2018

Impact Day for Point University took place on Wednesday. Everyone that showed up or helped out in any way should be commended. This is a charity event that should be repeated as often as possible.

The students got an early start Wednesday morning and traveled to the neighborhood between Plum and Cleveland streets in West Point. They helped clear off some vacant lots, cut the grass, removed underbrush and weeds and painted the exteriors of three homes.

This not only helped the people of the area, many of whom are elderly and can no longer do yard work, but also beautified an area of a city that has made great strides in improving its look.

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When we think of charity, we usually think of donating money or goods to a cause, or helping out for an hour on the weekend when it is most convenient for us.

But while every type of charity should be commended, it is the big acts that truly stand out.

Charity, i.e. giving to others with no expectation of recompense, should be ingrained in our behavior. We should always strive to help our fellow man and woman.

From small acts of kindness to big shows of support, charitable acts should be done as often as possible.