College housing as issue but needs support anyway

Published 12:03 pm Friday, April 6, 2018

College is an experience that stands out as as integral in the maturation and development process of those young adults who decide to attend. A key element to college life is housing, as many who attend colleges and universities live on campus for a portion, if not the entire, duration of their tenure.

Living on campus, in some ways, goes hand-in-hand with the college experience.

Currently, our local Point University in West Point does not have the housing needed to hold its entire undergraduate population. Thankfully, the school is working hard to rectify this.

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Dormitories were announced for the old West Point Foundry location a few years ago, however a lack of funding has halted those plans from moving forward in the moment.

Recently it was announced the school will be adding temporary housing on a lot off North 15th Street in Lanett. Current plans are for the residences to be up and running by the start of the fall term.

This is excellent news for a number of reasons.

First and foremost, it shows that Point has seen recruiting success. More students create more housing need, which is a good problem for the university to have.

Secondly, it shows the school realizes there is a need for on-campus and near-campus living arrangements and are working to deal with that, even with a temporary measure.

With all this said, Point still has a funding problem standing in the way of permanent student housing and hopefully that can be rectified soon.

Point has done much and continues to do much for the city of West Point and the Greater Valley Area, and we are hoping the university is able to accommodate a growing number of students with on-campus housing in the near future.