County looking for participants

Published 9:06 am Thursday, April 19, 2018

CHAMBERS CO. — The “Don’t Drop It On Alabama” Statewide Spring Cleanup begins this Saturday and officials are hoping more groups sign up to help pick up trash off the roadside.

Chambers County Sheriff’s Department Captain Jason Fuller, who is in charge of local efforts, has said that as of press time only one group has signed up, a Boy Scout troop.

“Last year we had 15 groups participate,” he said. “We picked a fair amount of trash, about 800 to 1,000 pounds. Valley Haven picked up the most.”

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Fuller added that the biggest problem this year has been getting the word out.

Despite that, he is confident they will eventually have plenty of participants. The event runs from April 21-28 and people can join in at any time.

“Anyone interested can participate,” the captain said. “They can pick a neighborhood or road and get trash bags from us. Just tell us how much road you plan to clean. Afterwards call and we’ll pick the bags up.”

Chambers County has participated in the cleanup for several years and Fuller is in his third year of involvement.

Fuller added that involvement in the yearly event has been good for Chambers County.

“I encourage everyone to come out and participate,” he said. “Get in touch and we’ll make it happen.”

Statewide, the event has grown in some way every year for the past 30.

“There are 65 counties participating,” said Spencer Ryan, Executive Vice President of the program. “We provide all materials.”

Ryan added that last year saw over 400 tons
of trash picked up.

“We have shipped over 200,000 bags this year,” he said. “Last year we gave out 185,000.”

This year, they have added recycling to three counties to see if adding it to the program across the state would work next year.

“It just keeps growing,” Ryan said. “We have a beautiful state.”

Anyone interested in participating can do so by calling Fuller at 334-864-4332.