Easter means more than dressing up pretty

Published 11:02 am Friday, April 6, 2018

HELLO COMMUNITIES. Children have learned that Easter means more than dressing up pretty, they have learned of the Resurrection. There was a great enjoyment in the Easter Sunrise Service, 6 AM, Sunday, April 1. St. Stephens used Sunday for a threefold purpose: the excitement of resurrection, beauty in the service, and the regular Sunday Communion. The combined choir rendered music. They day was great.

THE MT Zion Missionary Baptist Church, Lafayette, AL, held a Holy Week Revival proceeding Easter… March 27-29, at 6:30 PM nightly. Guest Evangelist: Rev. Tremaine Solomon with different choirs including: White Hall, St. Stephens CME, and Mt. Hermon, Valley, AL. Rev. Melvin Owens- Pastor. They had a wonderful time.

THERE WERE other invitations that invited children of communities to join the fun-loving Easter Egg Hunt celebrations, Saturday, March 31, from 10:30 AM- in the meadow across from Valley City Hall.

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LEONARD RILEY -Mayor of City of Valley has sent a notice to the following communities or cities concerning responsibilities for the up keep on cemeteries: Shawmut, Langdale, Fairfax, Fairview, Riverview, and Bethlehem. The notice is explaining the approximately cost for the up keep. For more information please call (334)-756-3131.

WE PAUSED to express our condolences to the bereaved families. We are sorry to hear about the lost of you loved one. Specialties to the Jones Family. We are praying for all the families.

THE PRESENTATION of an Easter Program made many understand the four W’s as they questioned the action of: “What” commemoration of the death of Jesus Christ. “Why” to remember what he did in giving his life for us. “When” the program was presented Sunday, March 25, at 1 PM, Lanett Congregation of Jehovah’s Witnesses and Saturday- March 31 at 7:30 PM, Valley, AL. An “where” the program was great.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to: Mitchell Kinnard, Joe Mac Austin, Virginia Weaver, Cathy Hammond, April 6; Patrick Askew, Pam Askew, April 7; Joe Mack Austin, Kim Patton, Kieth Ross, Stanley Rowe, April 8; Charlotte McClellen, Larry Matthews, Betty Summers, April 9, Mary Alice Darden, Nehemiah Floyd, April 10; Jacinda (Cindy) Carlisle, Rev. Mildred Watson, Miktazious Hall. Adam Newton, April 11; Willie Earl Gibson, Latrice (Tricie) Thomas, Danny Clester, Frankie Hutchinson, Jr., Albrandeos (Broski) Chambers, April 12. May all of you have many more.

PLEASE CONTINUE to pray for the sick and shut ins, and for America.

DO NOT text and drive.

HAVE A good week.