Givorns Foods a local gem

Published 1:30 pm Thursday, April 26, 2018

Few small towns still have a local grocery store.

In the age of retail chains, many independent grocers have been run out of business, unable to match their competitors’ prices.

But the Valley area is home to a strong, family-owned grocer in Givorns Foods, which has locations in Valley and West Point.

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Givorns Foods has been around for more than half a century. It was started in Lanett by the late Michael Givorns, whose wife, Shelvie, now oversees the stores.

They are assets to the communities they serve.

Givorns Foods has close to 90 total employees between its two locations, providing jobs for local citizens. It also contributes heavily to the local tax base.

Moreover, Givorns Foods provides a shopping alternative to Kroger and Walmart. There is nothing wrong with either of those merchants; certainly, they fill a need.

But they do not possess the community roots of Givorns Foods.

The store prioritizes customer service, has a top-notch meat department and seeks to maintain competitive prices. It carries almost any item that might appear on a grocery list.

In the past, Shelvie Givorns considered selling the store. But now, she remains committed to keeping it under her wing.

A full profile of Givorns Foods will appear in The Valley Times-News Progress section that publishes on Saturday. It examines the store’s origin, evolution and future.

In reading the piece, you may come to discover what this newspaper already knows: That Givorns Foods is a gem in the local community.

It needs your support to continue surviving.