Help us shine a light on the Valley

Published 11:53 am Wednesday, April 18, 2018

How well do you know your home? That’s a question many would answer proudly with, “Like the back of my hand!”

However, most people don’t know their county, city or community very well outside of a few specifics, as it is common for people to pay attention just to areas of the community that directly affect them.

That’s why, for a little over two months now, we at The Valley Times-News have featured a story every day spotlighting something or someone in our coverage area.

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Specifically, we feature: a neighbor of the week, a first responder, a veteran, a business and an educator, all of which filter throughout our publication cycle. These are the areas we have focused on to this point. We plan on branching out to other areas, to target different segments of the population not represented here. As we make those decisions on people, places and businesses to highlight, we are open to your suggestions. This is your community, and we want the newspaper to tell stories the community is interested in hearing.

We also want to help people learn more about their hometowns, and the people that make them special.

From buy, sell and trade businesses to local band teachers and veterans, we have enjoyed the opportunity to highlight some people and businesses who might not otherwise be highlighted. We want to continue this trend.

Those reasons, and more, are why we present a spotlight every day, but we would love suggestions from you.

Is there a neighbor that recently helped you out? What about a first responder that has done a great deal for the community? How about a veteran whose story of service has yet to be told? This is what we are looking for, suggestions about people or places in need of recognition.

If you have one, email us at or call us at 334-644-1101.