Plant City Baptist Church held annual East egg hunt

Published 12:13 pm Thursday, April 12, 2018

PLANT CITY BAPTIST Church held their annual Easter egg hunt on the church grounds on Saturday, March 24.

Five hundred eggs were hidden for children and adults. The children were divided into age groups before the hunt began. Prizes were given for the most eggs found in groups and the one who found the most eggs. Group winners were Kinley Sanders, Kate Sanders and Brady Bannister. Kenley also won for finding the most eggs.

After the children received their prizes the adult hunt began. There were six numbered tables for adults. East person at the table looked for eggs with their table number on them. When all the eggs were found, each table had a puzzle to put together. The hard part was finding all the eggs which contained a puzzle piece. Table one was the winning table. It is believe that since the church pastor, Bro. Brad Reed, was a participant at that table, he could have had some “special help”.

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Following the fun of finding all the eggs, the group enjoyed some delicious desserts, homemade ice cream and drinks. Good fun and fellowship was enjoyed by Susan Otto, Bryant and Lilly Bassett, Bro. Brad and Virginia Reed, Courtney, Jessica, Kinley, Kate and Hudson Sanders, Mary Avanzato, Brad, Katie and Brady Bannister, W.L. and Peggy Gillenwaters, Billy and Denise Milner, Emma and Kassi Smith, Verra Chadwell, Teresa Gillenwaters, Kallen Vallia, April, Harley and Harlyn Crowder, Nita Bostic, Martha Milner, Melissa Borders, Katie Borders, Lydia Nichols, Blaze Nichols, Destiny Scott, Brittanie, Dusty, Colton and Annabelle Cook, Lena Starnes, Don Carpenter, Barbara Roberts, Toni Taylor, Matt, Heather, Asher and Ava Roberts, Russell, Lina, Addison and Presley Dickinson and Stewart Massey.

BECKY GUINN was the guest speaker at the April 9th meeting of the Savior’s Hand Gospel Hour. The welcome and opening prayer were offered by Susie Fincher and W.L. Gillenwaters joined her in leading the group in repeating their Bible verse and singing the chorus. Prayer requests were taken with  Brenda Payne praying this prayer. Robert Moore used scripture passages from Hebrews 9, Acts 1, Revelations 1 and 22 and John 14 to reference “Christ’s Return” in his devotional. The group joined in singing “Savior, Like a Shepherd Lead Us” and “There Shall be Showers of Blessing”. W. L. sang “God’s tomorrow” and “You Never Mention Him to Me.”

Mrs. Guinn took her message from John 20, verses 19 and 27 and Matthew 26:32 saying Christ was on the earth for 40 days before His Ascension. W.L. closed the meeting with prayer.

Coming together at this time were Sandra Newton, Sharon Wesson, Lewis Nixon, Eleanor Crowder, Jean French, Brenda Payne, W.L. Gillenwaters, Robert Moore, Susie Fincher and the guest speaker, Becky Guinn.