Savior’s Hand Gospel Hour holds monthly meeting

Published 11:59 am Thursday, April 5, 2018

THE SAVIOR’S HAND Gospel Hour group held their weekly meeting on Monday, March 26. Susie Fincher welcomed those gathered and opened the meeting with prayer. She then led them in repeating their Bible verse and with the help of W.L. Gillenwaters and Leonard Thrower, led them in singing the chorus to that verse.

Robert Moore gave a Bible verse from I Corinthians 15:42-44 and 52. The group joined in singing “He Lives” and “There Is Power in the Blood.” Special music was provided by Leonard, who sang “I Should Have Been Crucified” and “He Washed My Eyes.” W.L. also sang “Gone.”

Rev. Brad Reed brought the message using scriptures from John 14:9 and 10:30, James 2:10 and Ephesians 2:8 and 9. He spoke about who Jesus is and what he shared, saying Jesus conquered death and said there are two possible destinations. He closed his message in prayer.

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Dennis Harmon was the speaker at the April 2nd meeting. Susie gave the welcome and opened the meeting with prayer before leading the group in repeating their Bible verse and singing the chorus.

Robert Moore used scripture from John 20:17, Mark 16:19, Luke 20:50-53 and John 20:6 and 7 for his devotional. Group singing included “Are You Washed in the Blood?” and “Rock of Ages, Cleft for Me.” Special music included “I Found Happiness” sang by W.L. and “God on the Mountain” and “The Key to Heaven Once hang on a Nail” both sang by Leonard.

Rev. Harmon took his message from Psalms 150, Jeremiah 29:10-14 and I John 1:1-5. He spoke on “Praise the Lord.”

Request for prayer at both meetings included James Robinson family, Edra Waller, Richard Royster, Ron Dees, Sara Ann Smith, Melissa Moody, Doris and Walter Croft, T. J. Robinson, Barry Van Houten, Roy Gray, Annette Waller, Mary Duncan, Phillip Fulghum family, Kelly McCullough, Nancy Cantrell, Terry Duke, Daphney Lee, Our country and Kyle Walker.

Attending these meetings were Sandra Newton, Sharon Wesson, Lewis Nixon, Rosemary DeLoach, Frank Greer, Eleanor Crowder, Jody Bolt, Anita Smith, Jean French, Edra Waller with her daughter Barbara Blankenship and granddaughter, Carrie Blankenship, W.L. GIllenwaters, Robert Moore, Leonard Thrower, Susie Fincher, Peggy Hamby, Vickie Hanna, Rev. Brad Reed, Dennis Harmon and Brenda Payne.

THE SPACIOUS BACK YARD at the home of Charles and Glen Hall in the Shawmut community was the gathering place on Saturday, March 31st, for their annual covered dish lunch and egg hunt celebrating Easter.

Those enjoying this time together were: Mike and Kathy Smith, Gene and Faye Yarbrough, Cliff and Nellie Lynn, Tammy Lynn, Zach, Melissa, Lexie, Kayli and Olivia Lynn, Dottie Dye, Tony and Debbie Powers, Steven, Jessica and Wallace Powers, Danny and Terry Gosdin, Josh, Jennifer and Logan Gosdin, Angie Gosdin, Heaven Gosdin and friend Preston, Karley, Ella and Maddox Powers, George and Terri Slade, Tommy and Sheena Siggers, Jonathan, Ashleigh, Jon David and Hallston Siggers, Mike and Jan Yarbrough, Will, Tai, Bella and Connor Boos, Adam, Teel, Sadie, A.J. and Michael Traylor, Tommie Brown, Justin, Kim, Larissa and Kylie Brown, Verlon and Judy Brown, Evelyn Brown, Dylan White, Kourtney Spradlin and Josh Keith.