Spring has finally arrived

Published 12:50 pm Saturday, April 21, 2018

Hello Huguley. Man, all I can say is it seems spring has finally arrived! Don’t you just love these pretty days and pleasant evenings. I am enjoying having some days off to putter around in the yard. It is beginning to take shape. If I were only 20 years younger I would feel more confident digging around in the warming soil.

If anyone wants to scoot over here and help, I will be glad to let you prod me a tad to get things finished. Lindy and I found a perfect spot where tons of flowers were coming up, volunteering to come up and bloom. We were given the green light to get all we wanted, so we did!

Several planters and three or four wheelbarrows later we have really gotten a head start on summer flowers. Tammy will be starting on hers this weekend so we are going to have plenty for all our flower beds.

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Another thing that sprouts up in the spring is yard sales! Things have been accumulating in cupboards, closets, attics and barns can now be found on tables, spread all over the front yards, hanging from clotheslines and tree limbs. One man’s trash is another man’s treasure! Get out and look around. There are treasures everywhere.

I was up toward West Point Lake one day the latter part of the week and there were campers all over the place. It is that time of the year, but, not quite warm enough to swim yet. At least not for me. It will be midsummer before I will be ready to get in anything bigger that our hot tub and then it still has to be sorta warm.

If you have misplaced a beautiful mostly white young dog in the Cusseta area, it showed up at our daughter Lindy’s house Friday.

Please contact me at 706-773-6550 and I will put you in touch with her.

Remembrances come from all sorts of places. We attended a funeral of a longtime friend this past week. Mr. Joel Adams was interred at the Fairfax cemetery.

I grew up living on that street and it brought back tons of great childhood memories. It was nice to bring those memories back to the surface. We often lose those childhood memories and can’t manage to pull them back up to the forefront of our minds.

It will be good to have YOUR news here next week. I would love to hear from you as would all the other fine folks from the Valley area.

You can get in touch with me at 706-773-6550 or on Facebook or Messenger. Make it easy on yourself. Either way is OK with me. Just call me sometime soon, okay?