Streetscape project shows Lanett’s effectiveness

Published 2:57 pm Tuesday, April 10, 2018

The city of Lanett has been working on its streetscape project for some time and has overwhelmingly positive results thus far.

From cleaning up the aesthetics of the downtown area to adding clearer street signs, the project has made many improvements.

Recently it was announced that some of the overhead electrical lines will be moved underground. As a result, some businesses will start receiving electricity from behind buildings as opposed to in front. Altogether it will create a “line-free” zone.

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Mayor Kyle McCoy, during a meeting of the city council, said the goal was to do this as much as possible.

This effort should be applauded.

Between the roads and crosswalks that had seen better days and the outdated and sometimes hard to read street signs, Lanett was in need of a facelift prior to the streetscape project.

The fact that Mayor McCoy and the city council have implemented such sweeping changes and have seen them come to fruition so quickly is a testament to their effectiveness as a body of government.

The intention of these changes, aside from making the city look better, is to make it more attractive, and thus appealing, to potential businesses. Everyone is looking forward to what Lanett will look like once the streetscape project is complete.

Although it is cliche, it is often assumed that government is slow to act and ineffective at getting projects such as these accomplished.

Lanett has proved that, at least for the city, the aforementioned cliche does not apply. They set out to get something done and have so far succeeded.