The Baptist Women hear ‘Journey Up Calvary’ study

Published 1:08 pm Thursday, April 19, 2018

THE BAPTIST WOMEN of Shawmut First Baptist Church met Tuesday, April  4 at the home of Mrs. Lois Passmore. Mrs. Passmore welcomed everyone and opened the meeting with prayer.

Mary Ann Fuller gave the program, sharing the personal Bible study she does around Easter each year and calls her “Journey up Calvary”.  The story of Calvary is in each of the four gospels but she also read scripture from Isaiah 52 and 53, Zechariah 9:9 and Revelation 7:9-10.

She said, as we look at the scriptures pertaining to Calvary, we see how when Jesus rode into Jerusalem upon the donkey and the masses of people greeted him waving palm branches and shouting Hosanna to the King, how did the donkey happen to be where Jesus said it would? How did the people know Jesus was riding into Jerusalem at that time?

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Mary Ann called these things divine appointments. But the people were disappointed because they wanted an earthly king and not a savior for their sins. Even though the religious leaders had studied the Old Testament scriptures they did not accept Jesus because he did not fit their picture of the Messiah.

At the Passover meal when Jesus broke the bread and gave it to His disciples and gave them the wine to drink as His blood, this sealed the New Testament covenant. We are thankful that it didn’t stop at the cross. We know Jesus is alive and waiting to hear from each of us.

Nita Abney gave the prayer calendar using scripture from John 10:1-10. The focus was on missionaries working with men who have addictions in the Sub Saharan area. She also read the names of missionaries having birthdays that day and prayed for them.

Linda Tolbert presided over the business part of the meeting.  Elizabeth Hall read the minutes of the previous meeting and Dot Williams gave the treasurer’s report.

Carolyn Oliver dismissed the meeting with prayer and asked the blessing on the delicious refreshments which were enjoyed by Becky Guinn, Elizabeth Hall, Linda Tolbert, Mary Ann Fuller, Sallie Breedlove, Liz Landreth, Janice Sorrells, Elaine Breedlove, Dot Williams, Hilda Hunt, Carolyn Oliver, Nita Abney and the hostess, Lois Passmore.

ALLOW ME to insert a note of “THANKS” to all who bought tickets for and made donations to the Hamburger Sack Lunch Fundraiser for Justin Graben, transplant travel expenses and stopped by the tents beside Charter Bank in Valley where the event was being held. Your support of this cause is greatly appreciated and we love you all. A special thank you to Sheriff Sid Lockhart and his team for his guidance and willingness to help us put this together. Our prayer is that God will bless each of you daily. Thank you again, Justin and his family.