We still need community newspapers

Published 11:23 am Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Recently, The Valley Times-News ran a pair of stories related to the shifting landscape of tariffs, specifically in the newsprint market, which have caused us to reduce our page count in an effort to reduce our consumption habits.

In the articles it is pointed out that no matter what, we at The Valley Times-News will continue to put out the paper.

With that said, a conversation needs to be held on the necessity of community news.

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The Valley area, like a plethora of other small communities throughout the country, relies on local, community journalism to access and engage with local news. Regional and national outlets do not have the time or inclination to spend resources covering city hall meetings and board of education meetings at the local level. That responsibility is left to community journalism professionals.

That is the role The Valley Times-News and other small community newspapers have in this day and age.

With the advent of internet news and social media, many have come to the conclusion that community newspapers are an antiquated way to present information.

Our aim is not to buck against where the world is moving and headed, but to come alongside the technological advancements that have been made recently, complementing our daily news product with the technological resources at our disposal.

Whether it’s in the form of the tried and true newspaper, or as a digital edition that can be viewed from any cell phone or tablet, we plan to be here to deliver the news to our readers, no matter what.