A couple of things for Huguley readers

Published 11:28 pm Friday, May 25, 2018

Hello Huguley friends, I am glad to have you stop by again today. I got a couple of things for you this week

Dodge ball has always been a lot of fun, but, the youth from Happy Valley carried it to another level last Wednesday as they gathered for an evening of Paintball dodge ball. Man, those white tee shirts didn’t stay white very long. I didn’t even try to get the names of the young people that were there. They were everywhere in that front yard! It has been a long time since I have played dodge ball.

I hope the rain that came through the first of the week didn’t give you any major issues. It gave us only one major problem. The rain wasn’t an issue at work, but, we lost a major limb on the pecan tree out front of our house. In fact, it is still just hanging on. We are going to have to have someone come over and cut the last inch or so that the limb is hanging from. Too high to reach from the ground and we are too old to climb ladders.

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Can I relate to you a special gift I received this past week? I received a remembrance from my grandmother from a 1st cousin of mine. It was a small butter paddle used by my grandmother when my daddy was a baby.  She used to press my daddy’s little foot into the butter and then smooth the edges of the butter with it. I could almost see a young mother putting her new baby’s footprint in the big pat of fresh butter! I will treasure it forever!                

If you had special events planned for this Memorial Day weekend, I hope the rain didn’t mess with your plans too badly. We had plans, but thankfully water won’t hurt them unless the clouds include some lightening! 

Be careful if you are out in the yard working this year. I wasn’t and am suffering a pretty rough bout of poison right now. I really am not enjoying all the calamine lotion, creams, and lotions to try to alleviate the itching and blistering! As my grandmother would say ‘Be particular’. It isn’t a lot of fun.

As schools have pretty much spilled lots of little children out for the summer break we need to make sure we watch out for little people as we move about every day. Between skates, skateboards, bikes and balls of every shape and size, the distractions of young people are too numerous to count.  And kids are so quick, they can jump out in traffic quicker than you can blink!

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