Coming Soon: An Adult Grief Retreat

Published 8:06 am Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Perhaps one of the most heartbreaking aspects of grief, in addition to the pain felt by the loss, is feeling as if you are all alone or uncertain as to how to progress through your grief journey.  I recently had several people of both genders express to me that trying to figure out how to “navigate” through grief has presented a task that appears unsurmountable and confusing and they are desperately searching for answers as to where to begin or how to move forward.  So, in an effort to provide additional support, I would like to announce the formation of something that has the potential to allow for some healing that looks to go outside of the box- an Adult Grief Retreat.

What is this?  In essence, it is a half day devoted to coming together to validate feelings, ask each other questions, learn new concepts and coping skills and most importantly, have some time for reflection and healing.  Too many people voice that they feel so alone with their grief, that no one understands what they are going through and that really, no one knows how to be present and support them because sometimes they don’t even know themselves what it is that they need.  With this retreat, we will have the chance to share some of these things together and work both individually and within small groups to identify key aspects of grieving, how it manifests itself and express feelings without fear of judgment or shame.

Do you realize how important this is to those who have experienced loss?  It is huge in that many choose to refrain from processing their grief due to fear of burdening others or because they think it might alter the perception that others have of them.  One word in particular always stands out from the crowd, and that is the word “strong.”  Just yesterday, I had someone share that friends and family continue to comment on how “strong” they are and how she knows it is their attempt at being helpful and supportive, however instead, it makes her feel as though she cannot openly grieve or have breakdowns, cry or admit to feeling lost or broken.  This is such a common occurrence amongst those who are in the midst of their grief journey, and yet it is a topic that is repeatedly discussed due to the continued misperception of how society feels that people “should grieve.”

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Coming together with shared experiences can be extremely powerful and validating.  Consider giving yourself the gift of attending this retreat, no matter when the loss occurred because there is absolutely no timeline on grieving or healing.  Let us work to support one another in our transformative growth and devote some time to processing our grief journey.  Held on Saturday, June 2 at The Village Christian Church in Auburn (700 East University Drive) from 9:00 CST-12:00 CST with registration from 8:30 CST to 9:00 CST, -simply call Jenny Filush-Glaze at 334-750-1544 to secure your spot.  Cost is $25 and payment is made at the door the morning of the event.  “Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much.”