Crowns of Glory PCBC recently held lunchtime meeting

Published 9:46 am Thursday, May 3, 2018

THE CROWNS OF GLORY of Plant City Baptist Church held their monthly meeting at the Guinn Training Center near West Point Lake on April 11th.

The group was welcomed to a lovely sitting area with chairs, swings and a beautiful fire pit. The sun was shining brightly and a light breeze made the area a perfect place for conversation and fellowship.

As they entered the building, they sensed a feeling of peace and serenity. The hallways and rooms lining them were decorated with beautiful pictures of the life of Christ and artifacts and sculptures from all over the world; pictures, testimonies and certificates from the many years David served as a chaplain with the Olympics.

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The dining hall where the program and lunch was served was filled with tables covered with white clothes and there were more pictures, flowers and figurines throughout the room.

Brother Brad opened the meeting with prayer after which David brought the program.

David began by saying that after his wife Becky had to have her hands and feet amputated, God gave them a vision to build the center. Believing that God’s word never comes back void, David and Becky began to pray for guidance.

The land where the center is located was a “jungle” but God provided a family of volunteers from all over the world to build it for His glory. With donations from businesses and fellow Christians the center was completed debt free.

Numerous seminars and retreats held at the center have led many people to salvation and a closer relationship with Jesus Christ.

David led the group in singing “This is the Day”, “I Saw the Light”, “I’ll Fly Away” and “This Little Light of Mine”. He asked any who would to give a testimony of how they became a Christian.

After each testimony, they all stood and sang the chorus of “I Saw the Light”.

David told how he admired his wife’s sweet spirit and the way her light shines for Jesus. He encouraged all of us to let the light of Jesus shine through us to others.

After a delicious lunch the group again enjoyed the beauty of the flowers around the center and relaxing in the sunshine on the deck.

Coming together for this blessed day were Barbara Roberts, Yvonne Ivey, Charlotte Wheeler, Charles and Dean Chapman, Curtis and Libby Guy, Donald and Janet Poe, Bennie Dorough, Vicki Cooper, Mary Avanzato, Ann Woodham, Avis Rice, Melissa Borders, Sherry Reed, Celia Dabbs, Talisa Burke, W.L. and Peggy Gillenwaters, Brother Brad Reed and the host and hostess, David and Becky Guinn and two of their granddaughters, Lexie Ramseur and Becca McDow.