Easlick seeking re-election

Published 11:26 pm Friday, May 25, 2018

Probate Judge Brandy C. Easlick is excited to announce that she will seek re-election as the Chambers County Probate Judge this year.

“I have made many improvements in the Probate Office during my term but there is still more work to do. It has been a privilege to serve the people of Chambers County during the last several years”, Judge Easlick said. During her term, she has made changes in the Probate Office in many areas. Due to changes she made in the software program used by the office, the wait times for customers renewing tags and registering vehicles and boats has reduced significantly. Additionally, she has implemented a system that allows payment of most transactions with debit or credit cards and customers can even renew their tags online.

Renewing tags and registration of vehicles is not the only area she has made improvements in. She has created a program in which employees during any down time will backscan old files in order to preserve them in the probate system. If re-elected, Easlick will continue this process as well as preserving the oldest records in a way that will make it easier for the public to do research.

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Easlick believes in having the most knowledgeable and friendly staff she can. Many changes have been made in this area. All employees are given the most up-to-date training avaible including certifications in their areas of expertise. Easlick has gone to training in all areas possible to get additional certifications for her job both in the Probate Court arena and tax, tag and title areas. Easlick has been a speaker at several Probate Judges Conferences due to her knowledge of probate law and has received all the certifications possible. Additionally, all of her employees are cross-trained to make the office run more efficiently.

Easlick also believes in efficiency in the election process. As the chief election official of the county, Easlick has had an unprecedented amount of elections during her term as Probate Judge. She began four short months after she took office with a special election and will have had a total of ten (or eleven if there is a primary run-off this year) elections during her six year term. Easlick volunteered to be one of the few counties in Alabama to join a pilot program for pollpads during the 2016 election. The voter turnout during that year was the highest it has been in recent history and the two locations using the pollpads processed voters very efficiently. Easlick presented this to the Chambers County Commission and they have funded pollpads for all locations to be used as soon as all steps are taken to acquire them.

While making all these changes to better the office, Easlick has guided the employees and the public through many changes in the law from mandatory liability insurance to cross-over voting and many others. She has done all of these things while handling more than a thousand new probate cases and following up on past cases to ensure compliance with court orders. She has been on call twenty-four hours a day seven days a week her entire time in office to handle involuntary mental commitment cases. She continues to work with mental health, families and local resource providers to try to find practical solutions to the statewide mental health crisis for Chambers County residents.

Prior to being elected Chambers County’s Probate Judge in 2012, Easlick practiced law in Valley for fourteen years. She is licensed to practice law in both Alabama and Georgia. She is a graduate of Cumberland School of Law and Troy (State) University. At Troy, Easlick graduated magna cum laude with a double major in Accounting and Business Administration.

Easlick is the mother to two teenage daughters, Courtney and Kaitlynne. Her parents are Doug and Bedele Clark. She has one living grandparent, Margaret Mezick. Easlick has been involved with various public service organizations in the past. She has been a member and even served as President of the Valley Kiwanis Club, a board member for Valley Haven, and completed Project Leadership. She is also one of the founding members of the new Chattahoochee Valley Women’s Service League. She attends Valley Baptist Church where she serves in the nursery and on the Praise Team.

Easlick states, “I am very proud of all that our Probate Office has accomplished in my tenure so far. I made a promise to the people of Chambers County that the Probate Office would function more efficiently and with a greater level of customer service. I feel I have accomplished this and will continue to improve on it if re-elected. I feel that I am the most experienced and qualified candidate for the job. I appreciate the privilege of being the Probate Judge this term and promise to continue to better the office and its services if re-elected. I ask for your vote on June 5th in the democratic primary and again on November 6th if I win my party primary.”