Lanett Police Chief issue remains unresolved

Published 9:02 am Tuesday, May 8, 2018

LANETT — A larger-than-normal crowd was present for Monday’s meeting of the Lanett City Council with a number of them expecting some kind of action from the council in regard to Police Chief Angie Spates, who was put on administrative leave on April 24.

No such action took place.

Instead, Mayor Kyle McCoy issued a press release explaining that matters had been placed on hold.

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“Chief Spates has requested a meeting with the mayor,” the release reads. “The mayor has granted that request, and a meeting will be scheduled.”

Major Johnny Wood is currently serving as the acting chief.

Mayor McCoy is likely to meet with the Spates later on this week, and the council could have a called meeting to make a decision after that.

Wood was second in command with the police department when Chief Spates was placed on leave. Lanett Police Department has a total of 27 officers.

There has been a significant amount of turnover over the past few years, much of that due to certified officers leaving for better-paying positions with other departments.

Spates has been the LPD’s chief since 2011. She was reappointed twice when new administrations were sworn in in 2012 and 2016.