Local author holding book signing Friday

Published 8:03 am Wednesday, May 16, 2018

VALLEY — A local author will be holding a book signing this Friday at the Bradshaw Library, showing off her work From Africa with Love.

The book was written by Mae Ella Moss, who has previously written two other works. The first was From Slavery to Freedom, a book and screenplay written for the United States Air Force while she served a four-year tour of duty. This is taken from the famous poem by Langston Hughes.

The second book, a black history presentation, is called The Silent Scream. It is about her take on elder abuse and is related to her many diverse experiences after 34-years in nursing.

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With her third book, Moss said she wanted to do something highlighting the plight of children in Africa.

“I wanted to do something for them and tell their story,” she said.

The book sheds light on the suffering taking place and looks back on the heritage and culture of the people living there.

As described on her website, “This book was written to expose the suffering pain and devastation the African people are subjected to by their political leaders, who were elected to office under questionable circumstances and by a rigged election and who subjects the people to horrific human rights violations while leaving a country that is ravaged from war and depleted of its rich natural resources.”

While Moss herself has not traveled to Africa, she said she “had it in her heart” to write about it.

Proceeds will go to water wells in Africa and to the hospitals in Sub-Saharan Africa to maintain sanitation and sterilization and to aid in the eradication of the Ebola virus and all contagions of that nature.

“They need a lot of help,” Moss said, noting the initial idea for the book came from watching images of children in Africa on television.

Anyone interested in getting a copy of Moss’ book can visit the Bradshaw Library this Friday, May 18, at 5 p.m. EDT.

To learn more about Moss, From Africa with Love and her other works, visit http://www.fromafricawithlovebook.com.