Meet Five Points new Principal Andrew Leak

Published 10:46 pm Friday, May 18, 2018

FIVE POINTS — After 18 years of service as Five Points School’s principal, Rhonda Givins has retired. On Wednesday night, the Chambers County School Board voted unanimously to have Andrew Leak fill her role.

“During our concluding interviews with the top candidates, it became apparent to all members of the selection committee that Mr. Leak would be the perfect fit at Five Points,” said school superintendent Dr. Kelli Hodge in a press release. “We extend our best wishes as he begins this new challenge in his educational career.”

Leak, a Chambers County native, is taking on the position after serving as Valley High School’s assistant principal for the past five years. He said that while the change from working with high school students to elementary and middle school students will be something to get used to, he is eager to get started.

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“It will definitely be a lot different,” Leak said. “It is a transition, but it’s something I’m looking forward to and a challenge that I’m ready to take on.”

Before teaching and administrating for it, Leak attended schools in the Chambers County district. Fairfax Elementary, W.F. Burns Middle School and Valley High School made up his primary education before he went on to get two degrees from Auburn University.

“Originally, I didn’t intend to work in education,” Leak said. “My first degree from Auburn was in business management. I did that for a few years and realized it wasn’t for me so I decided to follow in my mother’s footsteps and get a degree in education.”

Leak’s mother is Vicki Leak, a current Chambers County School Board member with a history of early-learning education and administration. Ms. Leak abstained from the vote on her son’s appointment.

Leak said his mother helped ignite his passion for education, and is a mentor of his especially during his transition to working with younger students. He hopes to use that passion to continue the legacy of administrators before him.

“I feel excited and honored all at the same time to be given this opportunity,” Leak said. “I really value the teachers that I had because they were so great and helped me throughout my years in school. I just want to give back because I love the community and the school and want to see them continue to improve.”

Leak feels that the school system is in a good shape at the moment, especially in how those within it utilize their sometimes limited resources efficiently. The main goal he has as principal is to continue developing relationships between the school system and the community.

“It’s a really tight knit community and parents like to be involved with their children’s education,” Leak said. “We want to get the parents involved, the community involved in the students’ education. I’m really excited for this opportunity to serve not just Five Points School, but continue serving my county that I’ve grown up in, worked in and lived in for so long,” Leak said.”