More living spaces a win for Valley Area

Published 11:29 am Thursday, May 17, 2018

Abbey Glen Apartment Homes opened to the public last week.

The housing complex has previously been used exclusively for Point University students during the last two years.

Opening up space for more families to move in is a great sign for the Greater Valley Area, as this signifies there is a certain amount of interest for more families and individuals to move to the area. Even more, units are expected to be added to the 72-unit complex soon as well as a pool and a new clubhouse.

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The Greater Valley Area is a tight-knit community and opening more complexes like Abbey Glen will only encourage more families to come and build up future legacies here.

Making the complex public will also allow more West Point students to interact with local community members, which may, in turn, result in more graduates deciding to stay in the area to raise families of their own. Opening the complex, with the development of more student housing, is also a sign that West Point is open to growing the university, which should continue to grow in the Greater Valley Area.

Growing a community can be a positive in so many ways, but strategically planning that growth to set up a loving community is priceless. A community pool and new clubhouse should encourage residents to interact with each other more in a social sense. Generally speaking, the more people get to know their neighbors, the more likely they are to lend a helping hand when needed.

The complex will be able to house 192 people once completed next spring, which is 170 more than the number of residents the complex has today. More than 170 potential new residents who are bringing in more opportunity for economic growth and perhaps even a stronger sense of community.

Point University and West Point Mayor Steve Tramell got this one absolutely