One day early—- I am headed out of town again!

Published 9:07 am Saturday, May 5, 2018

Hello Huguley friends, I am glad to get to visit with you this afternoon. I am glad our going has slowed down since we got back from visiting Mickey Mouse recently. I am ready for some home time. I need to play catch up to some of you guys. 

The cast and crew that put on the drama Walk with Jesus at Happy Valley Baptist Church during the week before Easter got together in the Family Life Center of HVB for a post-production supper. We enjoyed lots of pasta dishes, salads, cakes and drinks and fellowship together.

There were probably 80 people in the cast but only about 50 showed up for the supper. It was nice to have a chance to fellowship with the ones that we only saw during the production since they were in other rooms or wherever while we were performing the drama.

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There were several churches represented in the drama. West End Baptist Church, Victory Baptist Church and Happy Valley Baptist I think were the main participants but there might have been one or two from other churches that I missed.

A huge thank you to Mary Terry for lining this whole thing up, getting all the food prepared and delivered to the church. It was a great evening for everybody.

Willard and I were off on Tuesday and we’re in Opelika running some errands. We had to run by the doctor’s office, run by the bank, etc., and we decided to stop at Jim Bob’s. They have a great chicken salad and Willard never gets filled up with wings.

As we were getting ready to leave, one of the cars in the parking lot was smoking. Before we could get our car out of the parking lot that car had burst into flames and was completely engulfed in fire!

The people that own the car were on their way out of the restaurant when it started blowing up, or things started bursting or whatever. It just burst into flames. It was a lot like you see in movies. But it wasn’t one big explosion. It was a lot of smaller ones. But it was completely gone, almost melted, within just a few minutes. I never saw that before. It was weird.

I called back down there later to check on the people that were in that car and they were okay. They got somebody to come pick them up so everybody was okay. It was weird.

If you would like to send me something this next week I would graciously accept it and share it with the Valley folks.

My telephone number is 706-773-6550 or you can email me at strictly news@ I look forward to hearing from you.