Savior’s Hand Bible Study held meetings

Published 11:22 am Thursday, May 17, 2018

THE SAVIOR’S HAND Bible Study group met on April 16th and 23rd and again on May 7th and 14th in the activities building at Sylvia Word Manor.

Susie Fincher welcomes those who attend each week and leads them in repeating their Bible verse and singing its chorus usually with the help of W.L. Gillenwaters, Leonard Thrower and others.

Robert Moore is faithful to the group in leading the devotional time and requests for prayer. In the April meetings, Robert used scripture passages from John 6, II Chronicles 20, John 3, Romans 10 and Jerimiah 18. He chose scripture from Galatians 6 and Mark 12 in the May meetings.

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The prayer list each week included W.L. and Peggy Gillenwaters, Edra Waller, the family of Emily Brown, Mary Morgan, Tommy Siggers, R.C. Smith, Faye Crowder, MaKena Moore, Doris and Walter Croft, Ron Dees, Deanna Dees, Eddie Striblin, Richard Royster, Daniel Meadows, Teresa Manuel, Little Scott Pelly and Soldiers, Israel, Kyle Walker, Milton Newton, Sara Ann Smith, Sandra Burdette, Jean French, Nancy Cantrell, Melissa Moody, Mary Fetner, Sharon Wesson, Peggy Thrower, Martha Gail Duke, Jena, our country, the family of Mary Morgan, Rosemary DeLoach, Thomas Watson, Richard Royster, Melissa Moody, Mary Duncan, George Waller, Sara Ann, the family of Yvonne Masten, Mary Duncan, Tammy Cotney, Bubber Horn, Debbie Williams and Jerry Smith,

W. L and Leonard led the singing of “Tell It to Jesus,” “Are You Washed in the Blood,” “At the Cross” and “Blessed Assurance.” On the 16th, Gerald Brumbeloe blessed the group by singing “Jesus Listens” and “Common Garments.” Leonard sang “Don’t Put Off Until Tomorrow What You Can Do Today.” W.L. sang “Lazarus” and Leonard sang “One Day at a Time” and “This Old Highway” which he had written.

Rev. Tim Campbell brought the message on the 16th titled “Hide and Seek.” He asked, who are the Thomas’s in your Life? Who have drifted away? Will you go and share with them? Rev. Eddie Striblin brought the message the 23rd using scripture from Psalm 33, verses 1-4 and talked about “Rejoicing in the Lord.”

Rev. Jerry Ledbetter brought the message on May 7th using scripture from John 15 and talked about friends of Jesus, not servants; friends selected by Jesus. LaVerne Cotney spoke on the 14th using scripture from Matthew 11, James 1 and Psalms 146 to discuss “Ways to Trust God with your Burdens. Each speaker closed their message with prayer.

Attending the meetings were Faye Crowder, Sandra Newton, Sharon Wesson, Rosemary DeLoach, Lewis Nixon, Frank Greer, Eleanor Crowder, Judy, Anita Smith, Jean French, Edra Waller, W.L. Gillenwaters, Robert Moore, Leonard Thrower, Susie Fincher, Rev. Tim Campbell, Gerald Brumbeloe, Brenda Payne, Rev. Eddie Striblin, Bobby and Linda Tolbert, Mae Thompson, Laverne Cotney and Nell Smith.