Seniors awarded scholarships

Published 8:21 am Thursday, May 10, 2018

LANETT – Ten seniors, two from each Chambers County high school, were awarded $1,000 scholarships on Wednesday to be used towards their college education. The checks were presented by State Senator Gerald Dial, State representative Bob Fincher and Chambers County Commissioner Debbie Wood.

Students receiving the scholarship funds were chosen from representatives within each school and were divvied out to those students who have shown exceptional leadership qualities during their high school tenures.

“You were selected by your counselors because of the leadership you have shown in your school,” Dial said. “That speaks very well of you. We’re proud of you and proud to make this contribution.”

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Ricky Simmons and Chase Merritt were selected from Springwood School to each receive $1,000, Jenna Goodwin and Christopher Rawlings were chosen from Valley High School, Jaren Ross and Zekera Watts were chosen from Lanett High School, Omar Turner and Nykeria Giddens were chosen from LaFayette High School and Matthew Keebler and Travis Allen were chosen from Chambers Academy.

“What we’ve done year after year is fund two scholarships to every school in this county,” Dial said during the presentation. “This is the best part of mine and Rep. Fincher’s job, is giving out money.”

The state uses revenue from the state tobacco tax in order to fund this scholarship opportunity.  Funds for the local scholarships are held in escrow by the Chambers County Commission and paid during the end of each school year.

Dial and Fincher both gave praise and advice to the soon-to-be high school graduates, asking they apply themselves at the next level of their education.

“When you get to college, apply yourself,” Fincher charged the group. “Work hard, be diligent. College will pay dividends in the long run for all of you. We’re very proud of you and what you have accomplished.”