The future of the Community Center

Published 9:38 am Friday, May 11, 2018

With the ribbon cut on the new senior center and fitness room at the Valley Community Center, the question has to be asked: What’s next for the facility?

In all likelihood, the city has several plans already in place but let’s speculate a little.

The center has already proven itself as a meeting place for a variety of events. With all the room available, it is the perfect location for small- to medium-sized conventions. This would work to not only increase the number of events in the area but has the added benefit of drawing attention to the Valley.

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Then there are the indoor activities available. Between the competition-sized pool, racquetball courts, track, weight room, etc., those looking for something physical to do have many options. But what could be added to this? More specialized workouts are a thought, along with room for indoor versions of outdoor sports. They could even look into practice spots for baseball players. Nothing elaborate, but maybe a few batting areas set up for practice.

How about those in the community that use the center as a gym? It’s no secret that many each day go there to get a workout but unfortunately the hours work against those that get off late and go in early. Extending the hours or possibly making the workout areas open 24-hours would be a good way of bringing in those interested in getting into shape. Thought should be given to this as it was recently announced that a 24-hour gym was opening up soon in Valley.

These are just a few ideas for the future of the Community Center. With such an expansive facility encompassing so many activities, some of these ideas may not be feasible. That doesn’t mean thought shouldn’t be given to possibilities.

If we want the center to thrive, we must always work to keep interest in it high.