A look at the Liberation Christian Ministries International

Published 10:37 pm Thursday, June 14, 2018

DIDN’T YOUR hearts burn at the Liberation Christian Ministries International. Bishop Micah and Pastor Vanita Bonner held a Revival with Guest Evangelist: Rev. Jasper Williams, III from Atlanta, Ga. This was one of the greatest multicultural programs in History. Riverview Pentecostal Dance Team performed the killing of people who served as Christians because they lived for Christ. The praise dances were very timely and good. The Revival was awesome!

On Sunday, June 10, 2018, St. Stephens C.M.E. Church held its annual Sunday School Day/Student Recognition Day.

The speaker for the morning was our very own Mia Jeni Gibson. Mia is a graduate of Auburn University at Montgomery where she received her Bachelor of Science in Business Administration/Information Systems. The title of her speech was “Don’t Stop, Keep Going, We’re Not There Yet”. Mia spoke to the youth and encouraged them not to give up on achieving their goals. Having the audience imagine they were riding along with her, she described her firsthand experiences in achieving her educational goals. In addition, she provided Bible scriptures to support her words of encouragement. Mia expressed how the road to success will not always be a smooth one. Every now and then you may end up running into some problems, bumps, potholes, and other unknown objects, each representing obstacles in life. Her speech highlighted four key points: prayer, determination, motivation, and sacrifice. All important, fortifying concepts to master to get where you want to go in life. In summary, Mia reached her destination and left the audience with critical lessons she has learned to help them while on their own personal journey. We were blessed with her inspiring words and I’m sure everyone enjoyed the ride.

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IT’S GREAT to witness our area enlightenments of presentation. The most useful enlightenment was given in life to the achievers and graduates Sunday for life growth. The Six Pillars of Character: trustworthiness, respect, responsibility, fairness, caring, citizenship. Keep these with you in your growth.

We were glad to see Mrs. Rudene Woodyard and family on Mother’s Day.

WE PAUSED for condolences to the families who have lost their loved ones. Mrs. Lovernia Core Cochran. May your days be brighter.

PLEASE CONTINUE to pray for the sick and shut ins: Mr. and Mrs. Bobby and Connie Osborn. And for Mrs. Jeffunda Hoggs. May all of you have speedy recoveries.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to: Artancy Davis, Desmond Scaife, Jr., June 1; Yashia Williams, June 2; Christina Johnson, June 7; Ashley Mitchum, June 8; Larry Matthews, June 9; Loretta Hall, June 10; Maggie Morris, Loretta Wilson, Idall Marshall, Benita Wilson, June Teel, June 11; Willie McGhee, Michelle Tucker, Doris Reed, June, 12; James Murphy, Tiara Colquitt, Christy Davis, Tina Poole, Barlyon Reed, Elsie Smith, June 13; Tony Boone, Corey Fullerton, Shelia Avery, June 14; Caleb Boone, Donna Johnson, June 15; Deborah Newton, Dianne McCulloh, Mary Sue Davis, June 17. May all of you have many more.

HAPPY WEDDING Anniversary to: Mr. Lee and Dr. Aletta Williamson, June 7, Mr. and Mrs. Marcus and Monique Fuller, June 9. Be blessed in the future.

MAY ALL fathers be happy on your day! Happy Father’s Day, June 17.

DO NOT text and drive.

HAVE A good week.