Be safe, smart with fireworks

Published 7:32 pm Monday, June 25, 2018

It’s not exactly a new statement to say everyone needs to be safe when playing with fireworks, but it’s still advice that should be heeded.

With the Fourth of July a little over a week away, it is probably a good idea to go over a few key safety details.

For one, be aware of your surroundings, both in your immediate area and where the fireworks might land. Many a small child, myself included, have set fields of grass on fire simply because they did not take into account where the rockets would land or that the sparklers threw off burning embers. Always take into account if the area of play is dry. Be mindful of which way the wind is blowing.

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These are just a few of the details to remember when shooting off fireworks.

Another safety detail to remember is that while fireworks are fun, they are tiny, sometimes not so tiny, explosives. This means adults and teens should be careful and children, especially small children, should always have someone older nearby. This advice is simple and applies to a number of situations, fireworks included.

The last bit of advice is to never mix fireworks and alcohol. The impaired judgment alcohol brings mixed with fire and gunpowder can have a catastrophic effect.

Simply put, fireworks are a great way for a family to celebrate the Fourth of July, for siblings and couples to have a shared moment of joy or for a single person to put a smile on their face. But that fun can take a bad turn if any one person doesn’t think everything through and makes a bad decision.

No one wants to burn a house down or blow off a finger or two just because they decided to be dumb for a moment. So, play it safe with fireworks.