Driving everyone crazy, but not having to

Published 12:13 am Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Anyone who has driven down Highway 29 on any given day knows that it invites not-so-great drivers. In a world where licenses only have to be renewed every half-decade and the ticket to drive is earned by executing a sloppy three-point-turn for an uninterested DMV worker, this is not a surprise.

No matter where the roads are, bad drivers are sure to be barreling down them, ignoring others as much as the road signs. The thing is, these types seem extra abundant around these parts.

Reporting on the area involves driving around it, so we in the newspaper business have the pleasure of running into these drivers all the time. Just like how we cover what’s happening all around the area, we get to see who’s driving around it and how they’re doing, and it’s usually not great.

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Now, it is certain that many feel the same way. Getting upset about these kinds of drivers is commonplace for the average licensed American and most are just happy that someone finally said it. What many probably didn’t consider, however, is that they are part of the problem.

This isn’t cause for panic, however, just a necessary dose of self-awareness in order to alleviate the problem.

After an honest self-diagnosis, really digging deep to realize that maybe all the angry drivers constantly passed on the road might be caused by a single control group — yourself — it is no more than remembering the basics to make the road better for everyone.

Think about fellow drivers like one thinks about their neighbors. Showing a civil level of respect and societal rule-following will go a long way amongst motorists. Basic things like driving the speed limit and waiting to turn into a major roadway is a large first step to garnering this mutual deference.

Using a turn signal, although it can feel pesky and unneeded at times will make you a star with wheels, impressing other drivers with the simple act.

Summertime brings everyone out of the house and onto the roads, and just like how the weather gets nicer, traffic can go the same way. The community here cares about each other and wants what’s best for everybody, make sure that includes driving, too.