Father’s day reflections and things to come

Published 10:19 pm Friday, June 22, 2018

Happy Father’s Day! Last Sunday! I hope you got to see at least some of your kids and grandkids if they are still in the area. We got a chance to visit with a lot of ours over the weekend, even if they came in spurts.

Dropping by during part of the day were Janet Harmon, Levi Harmon, Theron Eason, Tammy Johnson, Andre Eason, Kobe Inman, Lindy and Billy Martin. Savannah McMakin.

We also got to see Caleb Worthy and Desirae Allred even if it was at their house. It’s very hard to get everybody’s schedules together but it was nice to have a chance to visit with the children.

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We heard from nearly all the rest at one time or the other and that made it very nice. Doing the visiting in spurts even gave us a chance to catch a nap in the afternoon.

This part of the summer is, around here, considered to be Vacation Week. As long as the mills were all working full force, everything shut down during the week of July 4.

Everybody took off and for the most part back then headed to Florida. That was about as far as we could manage to make it and our vacation check usually ran out about late Wednesday evening.

Everyone past a certain age pretty much still calls July 4 Vacation Week. I know lots of families that can go a lot of places, but Florida still holds a special part of their memory and their heart. If you are headed out on a vacation this summer remember to be safe.

Pack with safety in mind. Carry sunscreen by all means. Nothing can ruin a vacation worse than being half fried after the first day of sun and not being able to put clothes on the next couple of weeks!

I know this column is short but I do have a question for you before you go. Did you notice my new mug shot last week? I really needed to replace the photo and since I now wear my hair long I thought it was time to update the photo on here. It is what it is now-long and for the most part-gray.

You can still send me stuff here at strictlynews@charter.net or shoot it to my phone. I’d appreciate it. Have a great weekend!