Golden Heirs held annual indoor picnic

Published 9:45 am Thursday, June 7, 2018

THE GOLDEN HEIRS of First Baptist Church Shawmut met Tuesday May 8 for their annual picnic. It was a ‘we don’t like ants in our food stay inside’ kind of picnic.

Sheriff Sid Lockhart and his crew came and cooked fish, chicken strips, fries and hushpuppies, that were absolutely delicious and the picnickers only had to furnish desserts.

To get things started inside, Nita Abney welcomed everyone and Ronnie Carter led in the singing of “This Is the Day” before Lois Passmore opened with prayer.

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Liz Landreth read the minutes of the April meeting and Bill Spears gave the treasurer’s report.

Following a time of prayer requests, Ronnie lifted this prayer.

Happy Birthday was sung to Ms. Sallie Breedlove who, was 90 on the 11th, Chuck Anderson and Ronnie Carter.

Happy Anniversary was sung to Linda and Bobby Tolbert.

Chuck did a fun, interactive program on theme songs from the 60s.

The first were songs about fishing and though no one remembered the Fishing Hole song, everyone knew the theme song from the Andy Griffith show. Bobby Tolbert did an awesome job of whistling it and was declared the winner. Pattie Dyess was able to whistle or hum the theme song for almost all the programs mentioned including Batman and Gilligan’s Island.

Chuck said as we are remembering the past we can see what God has done in our lives and look forward to living for Him. As we look back to Calvary and when we accepted Christ as our Savior we can go forward with courage and strength.  Chuck closed his program with prayer.

As the food was set out Norman Passmore asked the blessing.

Those attending were: Nita Abney, Chuck Anderson, Sallie Breedlove, Elaine Breedlove, Ronnie Carter, Dee Dee and Jody Colley, Hilda Hunt, Liz and Terry Landreth, Curtis Moore, Sandra Meadows, James Myers, Jeff Myers, Tony Myers, Carolyn Oliver, Lois and Norman Passmore, Bill Spears, Billy Tolbert, Linda and Bobby Tolbert, Dot Williams, Pattie Dyess, Gle Gle Hall, Carol May, Barbara and Ray Hale, Michael Posey, Allen Majors, June and Phillip Majors, Carolyn Pritchard, Lloyd Posey, Trista King, Jean Miller, Joe Miller, Marsha Smith, Peggy Brown and Sally Veale. Many thanks to Sheriff Lockhart and his crew for an awesome meal.

The Joy Sunday School Class of First Baptist Church, Shawmut, met at Milano’s Restaurant May 11 to help Mrs. Sallie Breedlove celebrate her 90th birthday.

She arrived at the restaurant to balloons anchored with candy bars and lots of birthday cards.

Everyone enjoyed their meal and the time of fellowship.  Happy Birthday was sung as she was given a slice of cheesecake

Those helping Ms. Sallie celebrate were: Shirley Bills, Liz Landreth, Janice Sorrell, Mary Ann Fuller, Elizabeth Hall and Hilda Hunt.

Game and Movie Night was held at First Baptist Church, Shawmut, Friday May 18 in the Adult Chapel and the sanctuary.

The evening got off to a great start with lots of finger foods to give these folks energy to make the best moves.

From the laughter all around everyone had a wonderful time and are looking forward to next one.

Those attending were: Lois Passmore, Marilyn Suttles, Skylar Eddy, James Myers, Chuck Anderson, Haley Eddy, Jody Colley, Dee Dee Colley, Carly Eddy, Liz Landreth, Nita Abney, Tony Myers, April Hutchins, Terry Landreth, Jeff Hutchins, Ken Passmore and Jeff Myers.