It’s been a volatile week

Published 10:17 pm Friday, June 15, 2018

My goodness, it has sure been a volatile week for weather this week, hasn’t it? Thunderstorms nearly once every day! Almost like Florida. I think it rains down there every day: at least for a few minutes.

We had a very busy weekend last week. We attended a birthday party on Friday evening, another one on Saturday evening and a third one on Sunday afternoon. Following the one on Sunday afternoon, we headed back out to Happy Valley Baptist for the first of our summer gatherings. We enjoyed a church-wide bacon/lettuce/tomato sandwich supper. Love those BLT suppers! There was no way I could get everyone’s names. They wouldn’t be still long enough!

I got a tad from Victory Baptist last week. Victory Baptist Church held their Vacation Bible School June 3rd through June 6th. Their theme was ‘Game On! Gearing up for Life’s Big Game’. Thursday, June 7, 2018 was family night where the participants received their certificates and everyone enjoyed cake and ice cream following the service.   

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The youth group from Happy Valley Baptist got together one evening last week for a time of devotion and fun with a color paint war. They had a cool lesson on how we have sin in our lives and Jesus forgives for that sin and washes it away. They used the paint to represent our sin. I saw the photos of the fun, but didn’t have any other details so I am holding it for a bit.

The senior adults from Happy Valley get together twice a month and have a fellowship with each other. This past week, we included a guest speaker in our midst and certainly enjoyed her. Teresa Doughtie, daughter of Faye Tines was our guest speaker at Happy Valley. She is a member of West Point United Methodist Church but she came to share her talent of counted cross stitch with us. She picked it up as a beginner in 1983 and just ran with it from there.

Prior to her trying her hand at counted cross stitch she had tried other mediums to find her niche. Man, she does splendid work! She also teaches if you might be interested in getting a beginner class started. But this meeting was a little different as it was a delicious catered meal. The meal was enjoyed compliments of Jack and Sue Nolan’s daughter Lisa. It was a delicious meal and we all enjoyed it.

Attending the meeting were Kay Ferrell, Jerry Younger, Faye Times, Jeanette Tilley, Anne Howard, Gene and Eva Monroe, Jack and Sue Nolan, James and Levonia Looney, Jerry and Janis Carmack, Susan and Willard Eason, and Pearl Taunton.

Gotta run! Please give me a call at 706-773-6550 or send me an email at See you!