It’s been awhile Fairfax friends

Published 11:16 pm Friday, June 1, 2018

Well Hello Fairfax friends! It has been a while, but, I am still around trying to gather news like I have been doing for a long time now. I am glad that the community columns are still holding their own here in the Valley Times. Even with the changes we have seen and all the changes that may still come about, we will all be fine when the dust settles!

Tammy and Robbie Johnson have been so very busy in their yard for the last year or so! And it shows! They had some workers come in put a pool in their yard and had some other folks come in and build a very nice pool house. But, before all that came about they acted like miners as they dug some huge boulders out of the ground and used them for landscaping the yard almost to resort standards! It is so pretty. They hosted their christening the pool party over the Memorial Day weekend and even though stormy weather threatened it didn’t come in until very late on Saturday evening. Everyone that was invited wasn’t able to attend, but, those that did make it had a good time. Willard manned the grill as he cooked everything imaginable to eat. Everyone brought goodies to round out the meal. Part of the group enjoyed swimming most of the afternoon while some of us just got our toes wet and enjoyed the company. I may have missed one or two. Willard and I left before the young folks geared up the music. We went home for a nap! Attending were Tammy and Robbie Johnson, Andy and Jane Power, Wesley and Kim Brooks, Savannah McMakin, Brad Turner, BJ McMakin, Renee Haralson, Chris and Tiffany Samples and kids (Cason and Colton), Caleb Worthy, Desirae Allred, Gabe Brooks and Ashley, Willard and Susan Eason.     

I don’t know a lot of folks that live on the south end of Highway 29, but, I saw a fantastic garden the other day down that way. It didn’t look as if the rain had done a lot of damage to it. They must really know what they are doing. I’d just bet they have a great garden this summer.

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