Love of art, passion for teaching drive Davidson

Published 10:16 pm Friday, June 15, 2018

VALLEY — A love for art and a passion for teaching was all Teresa Davidson needed when she decided which calling to pursue.

Davidson, now 61 years old, currently works at Valley High School as an art teacher. She said her inspiration for her work comes mainly from her students.

“My students play a big role in a lot of my work,” she said, noting some of her pieces were completed with help from those in her class. “I love teaching at Valley and I love the personal feel teaching here brings.”

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Davidson’s works aren’t typical art pieces, instead they focus on social issues and the things she feels very strongly about.

“My artwork symbolizes tolerance and unity,” she said.

Davidson describes her process as time consuming.

“Usually I will get an idea and I will think it over in my head for about a year before actually drawing it out,” she said. “If the same idea continues to come to my mind, I will then do some sketches. Once the sketches have given me a clear idea of what I would like for the finished product to look like, then I will begin drawing and coloring. My color palate is usually pretty limited.”

Davidson describes the act of painting as one that gives her a “lost-in-time feeling.”

“Three hours will go by and I will think it’s been ten minutes,” she explained.

Davidson is the oldest daughter of Reverend Allen and Gloria Hollis. The child of a preacher. Davidson lived in Israel and many different states in the U.S. growing up. She has a wider outlook on life as a result, which affects the meaning behind each of her pieces of art.

She noted that despite living in many different places, her family considers Langdale to be home.

As the oldest daughter of a very supportive family, Davidson has held a passion for art ever since she was a little girl.

“My mother always bought me all sorts of supplies,” she said. “We had this huge attic space that wasn’t closed in, that’s where I did my art.”

Davidson is also a member of the West Point Fine Arts Association.

“I would probably not be exhibiting any artwork if it had not been for this organization,” she said. “They are doing great things.”

Through her exhibitions, she has won “Best in Show” awards, as well as some first​- and second-place finishes in painting competitions.