Momma G’s now available

Published 8:56 pm Monday, June 11, 2018

WEST POINT — It was a good opening day for Momma Goldberg’s in West Point.“It’s going great,” Matt Livingston, owner and operator of the business, said. “We opened up Saturday for a soft opening. We had about 75 people come in.”

Livingston added that the official opening to the public on Monday saw a good turnout in the first two hours.

“The most popular items were the made-to-order salads and wraps,” said Richard Matthews, a business coach for the franchise.

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Momma Goldberg’s is located where Railroads had been operating, which moved further down the street in May.

Livingston, who also owns Railroads, noted the change from an ice cream business to a franchise eatery took 60 days to complete, a bit longer than the 30-45 days initially expected, mostly due to backorders on items.

The opening of Momma Goldberg’s is only the second in a three-part plan by Livingston to expand eating options in downtown West Point.

Things are coming along for a second new restaurant, American Smokehouse, which will be located near Momma G’s and Railroads.

“Smokehouse is still coming along and we’re expected to open around the first of September,” he said.

The business will feature a menu consisting of a number of smoked meat dishes, including brisket, Boston Butts and ribs and will have a full bar with seating for more than 170 people.

The moving of Railroads and the opening of Momma G’s and the Smokehouse are all part of a plan to contribute to the overall growth of West Point.

“West Point has grown,” he said in a previous interview. “Back in the 70s and 80s, West Point was the place for shopping. Then the mills closed and it took KIA and Point University coming in before things started to turn around.”

The overall plan Livingston is following started about six months ago.

He said he has finalized that plan in the past two months.

“We want West Point to be a destination,” he said. “If people come to West Point we want there to be options, we want to get people to the town and see the community and get back to where we need to be.”