Puzzles are engaging but some are just confusing

Published 10:52 pm Thursday, June 7, 2018

Most of us have engaged in games of puzzles. I work on my crossword puzzle every time I am waiting for my wife to go through the grocery store, where she examines expiration dates of canned items, inspects each apple to see whether it has a defect and peruses the sale items requiring a purchase of more than one. I would bet that every human being on the planet has passed time trying to put the pieces in place on a jigsaw puzzle.

It is quite common to be PUZZLED. For an example, why does gas fluctuate in price every month or so? You would think that they are pumping the same amount out of the ground. Why does the law state that we bury the deceased in a waterproof casket? The bones will remain but the flesh will rot away no matter how you are entombed. Why does Joe Ashley at the LaFayette post office charge 49 cents for a stamp when one cent more would eliminate the inconvenience of dealing in pennies? Why does Dimwit down at Norman Cleaners charge the same for washing my speedo as he does for my khakis?  Why does Cooter Allen out at LaFayette True Value Hardware and his supporters of the Southern Union extension located in Tuscaloosa pay Coach Nick Saban $7,000,000+ per year? These are important puzzles, but I will move onto more significant ones.

During Hillary Clinton’s reign as Secretary of State, the levels of bureaucracy in place approved the sale of 20% of uranium (yellow dirt) mined in Nevada but owned by a Canadian firm to a Russian company called Rosatom.  (In essence, the Canadian firm was merged into a Russian company and is now called Uranium One.) This sale of uranium produced in the United States, although
in sparse supply, was approved by the State Department and US government officials.

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Of course, we as ordinary citizens, have no knowledge of the intricacies and the diplomacy in handling the sale of atomic material to a foreign government, but on the surface, I am PUZZLED. .What did the tax payers of our country get out of this deal? It appears that American citizens received zero compensation while Hillary received a large sum (fake news says a million) to support her run for president and Bill got $500,000 (a fact) for a speaking fee in Moscow. It is no small wonder that this ignoramus is PUZZLED

This does not relate to any political party, but I am PUZZLED about the swap of five hardened terrorists for a deserter, if not traitor, Bergdahl. While with the Taliban, “Bird Dog” reportedly engaged in activity that endangered his command post and several soldiers died while searching for him. I cannot think of a worse offense to our military who sacrifice their lives in service to the country. If by his own initiative, he chose to join the Taliban (even if he changes his mind later), let him face the consequences of his choice. What does a Buffalo Redneck know about foreign service? Well, I lived in a combat zone in Korea for a year. My wife lost two brothers in the combat.

One brother’s remains (MIA) still lie in North Korea and the North Korean government will not allow them to be retrieved.

I am PUZZLED by the fact that illegals numbering in the thousands make their way into this country every year. I noticed on the news the other night that the number of illegals in this country is estimated to be 20,000,000. Yet we continue to allow them entry. A friend says that this problem can be solved by erecting a fence and shooting anyone who tries to scale it. Of course, as a humane nation, we can’t do that. We can’t even waterboard. But, I am PUZZLED that no action by elected officials has been taken to solve the problem.

I am just PUZZLED that our elected officials seem content to wander in a maze and not look for the way out.