RaceWay holds Customer Appreciation Day

Published 8:35 pm Friday, June 29, 2018

LANETT — Highway 29 in Lanett is dotted with gas stations, each of them offering different prices and different amenities. One of the full service stations that sits right off of exit 79 is RaceWay, and to show the people that chose them over the other options thanks, the business held a customer appreciation day Thursday.

To celebrate their customers both loyal and new, Lanett’s RaceWay brought out several of their vendors to hand out free drinks, pizza and cookies.

“We do it to thank everybody for their support,” owner Mahmoud Aoudayyak said. “We always appreciate their business with us and hope they keep coming by.”

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He stood near the entrance of the shop, holding the door for those looking to fill up and greeting those who wanted a road-trip snack or a morning pick-me-up. Aoudayyak has owned the business now for nine months and only wants to keep improving.

Members of the Greater Valley Area Chamber of Commerce stopped by to thank Aoudayyak and his crew for their contributions to the community.

“I think events like these matter to the community because it shows that this particular business, or any business that has a Customer Appreciation [Day], is thanking the people who support them,” said Chamber of Commerce Executive Director Ashley Crane. “It’s always nice to have that outpouring of appreciation.”

Vendors had set up tables in and outside of the store with their products on display, welcoming anyone who might want to try a bite or a sip.

“It’s nice to see some of the vendors that [RaceWay] does business with to show their support,” Crane said. “It lets you put a face with a Hunt Brothers Pizza or Coca-Cola that help make this business a viable one.”

Even RaceWay executives came out to celebrate. District Manager Steve Camp was helping pass out the free goodies and show customers around. He said that this RaceWay location has been thriving after Aoudayyak took over.

“It’s a good site, its a good community and he has made great improvements inside the store,” Camp said.” With us, it’s all about the community. This is our way of thanking the customers for doing business with us and it creates a bond between the two different parties.”