Receiving suggestions, hungry for more

Published 11:18 pm Friday, June 1, 2018

As anyone else who isn’t originally from the Greater Valley Srea knows, no matter who you talk to around here, as soon as they find out you’re a fresh face they will recommend somewhere to eat.

Actually, it’s less of a recommendation and more of a call to action, less of a nudge in the right direction and more of a two-armed push.

In my case this recommendation usually comes right after I recover from the kind-hearted jabs I received because of my status as an Auburn alumni, but that’s for another column. The point here is that locals absolutely love the area’s cuisine and will defend their favorite place over all others to make sure that me, the Valley newbie, tries it at least once.

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I originally took this as hometown enthusiasm, folks hyping up their small town bites to make their city shine that much brighter. What I quickly realized, though, is that these dining demands and restaurant recommendations come directly from the hearts of those that give them. They aren’t hollow promises of good food made great by nothing other than word of mouth, but rather proclamations of amazement that another lucky soul is finally able to experience such delicacies.

The people here love where they live. From what I’ve heard, they might love the food around them even more. It’s inspiring, really, to move to a place whose cuisine comes so highly recommended.

I still have an exhaustive list of places to enjoy a meal at around these parts, but the places I have been to I have thoroughly enjoyed. I would have been to many more of them by now, but a combination of being a fresh college graduate with “real life” bills to pay now and the fact that I can’t stop thinking about the “Little Poke” with cheese whenever the hunger pangs hit has kept my eating excursions to either my lunch box or the hallowed halls of West Point’s signature burger joint.

I’m impressed by the enthusiasm that you locals hold for your food, though. So keep it up. Feel free to send whatever recommendations this way. Support these local eateries as much as you can and, with your continued suggestions, I will try my best to do the same.