Six arrested after months long drug investigation

Published 10:15 pm Friday, June 15, 2018

LANETT — After a several month’s long investigation by the Chambers County Drug Task Force and the Lanett Police Department, six arrests were made Wednesday following a search warrant execution.

The original investigation was for Travis Yamawns Little and Ricky Lewis Banks for allegations of unlawfully distributing controlled substances, specifically methamphetamine. On June 13, the warrant was executed at 1116 East 1st Ave. in Lanett and the two men were arrested along with Nathaniel Ray Hammett, Tammy Capri Phillips, Nikki Kate McCarley and April Nicole Fulghum, according to a press release.

“Both of them have been arrested numerous times in regards to illegal substances,” said Major Johnny Wood of the LPD. “There has been information that came in to the task force and Lanett PD that was funneled down to the officers on the street, detailing that these individuals were involved with distribution, particularly related to this residence.”

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The investigation was a multi-faceted one, starting with little more than allegations to the police department and leading to the Drug Task Force getting involved.

“It was a culmination of several different traffic stops that have occurred in Lanett and information gathered by our task force in investigations not only with Lanett but on their own that resulted in us working collaboratively to get a search warrant for this residence,” Wood said. “There wasn’t just one jump off point. In conjunction with the drug task force, over the course of these months several different people would be arrested, some of which provided information that led to pinpointing when and where would be the best time to enforce the search warrant.”

Upon executing the search warrant, officers found 35 grams of methamphetamine, an undisclosed quantity of marijuana, drug paraphernalia, six firearms and an undisclosed amount of currency.

According to Major Wood, Tammy Phillips was the actual resident of the home. Little and Banks would frequent there, and the other individuals arrested were at the residence when the warrant was executed.

The arrests were the final step to the investigations, and the case is now closed. Major Wood described how investigations like these normally take place.

“You get information about a house and you get information about people. Then you would look these people up, get an idea of who they are and would keep your eye out for these people in your investigations and while you are out patrolling.