Staying dry in Huguley

Published 11:17 pm Friday, June 1, 2018

Hello Huguley friends, Are you staying dry?

I got one of the reports from the Happy Citizens group at Happy Valley last week. Willard and I missed this meeting and I sure was sorry to miss it. But, he had been gone from Thursday until Monday and when Tuesday came around, I just let it slip my mind altogether! I will try to not let that happen again ya’ll.  I heard they had a good time. Attending were Faye Tines, Ann Howard, Jeanette Tilley, Jeri Younger, Sue and Jack Nolan, Janis and Jerry Carmack and Pearl Taunton.

I know the deadline to get registered to vote next Tuesday has already come and gone, but, now that you are registered, please go out Tuesday and cast your ballot for the candidate of your choice. If you don’t vote, and the election doesn’t go the way you really wanted it to go, please don’t complain. Everyone that is eligible needs to vote.

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I am relating this to you through the eyes of one of my four-legged babies. Here I go! Running up the street, in the pouring down rain, hiding from my mama and daddy… I think it is so much fun to make them just drive around the block for 2 days looking for me. Then as they’re out showing the neighbors my picture I just come meandering up like I haven’t been anywhere. It was such a treat to really fruit my mama out that way! But my adventure is over. Zebra enjoyed her nearly 24 hour vacation. I know I was really distraught until she came back home.    

I really hope you survived all the rain that came through last week. We lost a huge limb off the pecan tree out front. It is so big and still water laden that we actually can’t move it yet. It is very heavy and probably will take a chain or a truck to move it. We can’t do it yet. We lost lots of smaller ones off several trees, but, they are manageable.

Schools are out now folks, so be aware of little people running all over the place in your neighborhood.  They will be looking for things to do to amuse themselves.

If you are headed out of town for a few days, please be very cautious driving on roads you are not familiar with. All this rain has left the roads uncertain. Be careful and safe.

Willard and I spent part of Memorial Day down at Tammy and Robbie’s visiting with family and friends, then after resting following lunch we spent the later part of the evening at Lindy and Billy’s. Didn’t get rained on until after we got home that night. We were blessed.

You can call me at 706-773-6550. I would appreciate it!