Steak ‘n Shake’s fate not indicative of area

Published 7:55 pm Wednesday, June 27, 2018

The closing of the Valley Steak ‘n Shake leaves another option open for an addition to the neighborhood.

The fast-food burger joint closed due to a lack of business. The next door Zaxby’s restaurant kept a steady flow of customers while Steak ‘n Shake was pretty bare.

Many different businesses can come to replace the Steak ‘n Shake and become just as successful as Zaxby’s. Right next to the, now former, restaurant’s land are three apartment complexes and the Valley Sportsplex and Community Center, so area traffic is not a concern.

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A Denny’s could be built for students and parents to visit late at night after a Valley home football game. A small neighborhood grocery store could be built for the nearby apartment residents to walk to if they didn’t want to drive or for a closer convenience store location for visitors staying at the Hampton Inn down the street. A Martin’s or Krispy Kreme can come to the area for a quick breakfast or a sweet treat. A GNC health store or a Smoothie King can arrive with a host of people working out within walking distance of the SportsPlex on a daily basis. A Smoothie King can also be frequented by local students or adults who just want a nice cool drink. Even a small fresh foods market may be in order for Valley residents aiming to live a healthier lifestyle can go there.

The bottom line is that the now empty building shouldn’t stay abandoned for the next several months.

The area should not be given up on because of Steak ‘n Shake’s fate. Instead, the owners should embrace the opportunity for a new business to come into the community and thrive.